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Breast Augmentation Good for Your Health and Wellness?

Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation research, are still on the fence about or are seriously considering breast augmentation, here are some common reasons many women choose the surgery that might be helpful to know.   

Small Breasts

For many women, small breast size can be a very real issue that causes them to dislike their overall appearance, whether due to a natural disproportion or a variety of conditions such as micromastia. Breast implants create a bigger, fuller look and even out your figure. When choosing the size of your implants, lean on the advice of your surgeon, who can recommend a size ideal for your body type and show you photos of patients with similar figures to give a good visual predictor of your own results.  

Better Self-Confidence

Low self-confidence can have a strong and sometimes harmful impact on your outlook and quality of life. Body insecurities are one of the main reasons patients opt for cosmetic procedures, as the simple improvement of their outside appearance creates a dramatic improvement in how they feel on the inside. When choosing a surgeon, be sure to select someone who is not only widely reputable in their field, but who will make you feel confident and comfortable in your decision. Many major cities around the country have top-rated plastic surgeons. To make sure you’re in good hands, choose a city such as Dallas for your breast augmentation procedure.


Slight asymmetry of the breasts is very common; however, for some, this asymmetry can be very noticeable. Breast augmentation can create a more balanced look by either using an implant in the smaller breast to match the larger one or by using a different size in each breast if the patient wishes to go larger than their bigger breast. This technique creates better symmetry while enhancing the look and contour of the breast shape itself.

Weight Loss

Major weight loss is a proud accomplishment; however, it can leave many women with breasts that they might consider less desirable. Because breasts are mainly comprised of fat, their shape and density can be lost in the weight loss process. Breast implants can give women who worked hard to achieve their new body a fuller, more attractive chest while retaining their body shape and waistline.

Pregnancy and Nursing

Due to breasts’ rapid size gain during pregnancy and nursing, their skin and tissues typically stretch out and can be damaged. After nursing, when breasts are no longer full and return to their normal state, they can end up looking saggy and deflated. This is why breast augmentation is so commonly part of the “mommy makeover” package many surgeons and practices offer. However, if you’re considering implants after pregnancy and nursing, it’s recommended to wait until about three to six months after the birth of your last child. The results of your breast augmentation can be potentially lost in subsequent pregnancies due to the changes your breasts will go through.   


The removal of one or both breasts due to cancer or the prevention of cancer is a serious and often necessary medical decision that can leave a woman feeling insecure about her appearance. However, there are plenty of top-rated surgeons who are able to perform breast reconstruction surgery by using implants, inserted underneath the skin or the chest muscle, along with tissue expanders or tissues from other places in the body to create a skin flap. The areola and nipple are then recreated using small pieces of skin and tattoo ink. If you’ve recently undergone a mastectomy, breast reconstruction can be a positive step to consider in your journey.

Whatever your reason, whether it be for better self-confidence, a shapelier and contoured look after pregnancy, or better symmetry, breast augmentation can be life-changing and, as many will tell you, completely worth it. Be sure to conduct extensive research and choose a reputable surgeon who can make your dreams of more beautiful breasts come true.