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Your Brain on Golf: Reasons to Pick Up a Club

You might think it is just your body that benefits from some exercise on a regular basis. If you go outdoors and get a bit of a workout, you will be developing, strengthening and maintaining muscles. You’ll also be improving blood flow and heart health. That will indirectly affect your brain’s health. Getting that exercise regularly, even if it is light exercise, can have a big impact on how your brain functions.

This is according to a recent study conducted by Australian scientists and posted in the British Journal of Sports Science. The study showed that having some moderate exercise on a regular basis helped mental acuity, allowing people to be mentally sharper, think faster, recall information better and simply use their brains more effectively.

Imagine if there was a drug that could make you smarter and cause you to live longer just by taking it regularly. That’s what some light exercise will do for you, and you get that by playing golf. You don’t have to work up a heavy sweat playing an intensive sport or going to the gym to lift weights in order to live healthier, extend your lifespan and produce incredible mental results. You can get all these benefits simply by playing some golf.

Great for Brain Health in People over 50

Another study showed significant benefits to the light exercise of golfing for people who are over 50. This study showed that it boosted brain health, enabling the brain to work better for longer. Imagine the kind of mental problems that people could be preventing and fighting against if they had stronger brains. Issues such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and more that are commonplace for seniors could become incredibly rare, simply by getting some regular, basic exercise. Once again, this exercise doesn’t have to be intensive. It can be as light as playing a few games of golf a week. The work of swinging the club, carrying the bag of clubs and walking the course can get the heart rate up, maintain musculature and most of all produce excellent blood flow.

The circulation isn’t just good for the heart and the nervous system. It is also great for the brain in particular, providing it with nourishment and stimulation that keeps it active and healthy. An unstimulated brain is one that will stop working as sharply as it could be. When the brain stops being stimulated regularly, it no longer functions like it should and begins to atrophy.

Helps the Brain to Grow

As you get exercise from playing golf, the body will release neurotrophic growth factors. These actually enable the growth and development of the brain, leading to a healthier, more developed and stronger brain. This allows the brain to develop more connections, and those connections lead to the retention of new information, the ability to learn new skills. Those connections also create a healthier brain that will be less likely to lose information or have difficulty in recalling stored information.

Improves Focus

One particular mental skill that many people lose as they grow older is the ability to focus. Our brains simply have trouble staying on a single activity and wander from one thought to the next in a way that makes it difficult to do much of anything. Golfing requires a certain amount of focus, and golf training works on focusing the brain, the body and the eyes to hone a person’s skills and improve their scores.

There is more going on during a game of golf than most people realize, and what many golf experts will do Is teach less experienced golfers how to focus on their swing and their stance when they get ready to hit the ball. They will also teach newer players how to focus on the ball, the layout of the course, the wind speed and other factors that can affect where the ball ends up. All of this becomes part of natural motion when playing golf for years, and it enables a person to focus better outside the golf course as well.

The Takeaway

How quickly golfing improves your brain functions and how much it benefits you will depend on various factors, such as your health and how much time you spend playing golf. Not everyone will get the same results, but there are definite benefits to be had for everyone. One of the great things about playing golf is that it can be for anybody. You can get benefits from the moderate exercise required no matter what your heath is or how you play the game. Resources such as Wired golfers are a great place to inform yourself on anything golf-related and can help you step into the world of golf as smooth as possible.

Another great aspect of building your brain through golfing or any kind of light or moderate exercise is that it works for any age. You can grow your brain and keep it healthy by engaging in exercise at any age. There is no age limit on these benefits, and they aren’t negated simply because reach a certain age. As long as you continue to get some exercise, your brain will benefit and will contain to grow and be healthy, even recovering from mental problems and poor cognitive development. It would probably surprise some people for them to see just how much a little exercise can do for their mental state.