bike on a forest trail

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You, Your Car and Your Bike

Like the majority of Americans today, you probably have a sedentary job. You have to find time to exercise outside of your work and commuting hours. The time you have to work out goes down even further if you are a parent or a caregiver or if you work two jobs. You also don’t want to spend your precious hours of free time doing something that makes you miserable, so if you don’t like exercising, you probably won’t make time for it regularly. However, not exercising has many negative health benefits and decreases your quality of life. If you need to exercise but can’t stand lifting weights or running, consider taking up biking. It provides a great workout and gives you the option of seeing new scenery if you have the time to drive to a trail. Use one of these ways to take your bike with you to another location and explore the world around you.


The easiest way to transport your bike is to put it in the back of your pickup truck. All you have to do is open the hatch, slide your bike in and close the hatch again. You may want to purchase ropes or another method for securing your bike to the bed of the truck so that it does not slide around. Most truck beds have enough room for multiple bikes to stack on top of each other. If you have a cab with two rows of seating instead of just one bench, you could also put your bike in the passenger seat. This approach does not work well if you are driving multiple people to bike together, though.

Bike Racks

For people who do not own trucks, boot racks are a good option. These racks attach to the outside of your trunk and have individual slots in which your bike can rest. Depending on the model, straps or buckles may help to secure the bike and prevent it from falling off during your car trip. Most racks are built to accommodate multiple bikes so that you can hit the trails with a group of friends or your family. This approach frees up room in your car for passengers or luggage and allows you to transport bikes without a truck. However, if you are going for a ride on a rainy day, you may need to find another means of storing your bike or a way to cover it during the trip so that you do not have to start your ride with a wet seat.

You can also buy racks that attach to the roof of your car. You secure your bike in an upright position without using up passenger space. This method also lets you use your trunk easily and store other items for your trip. However, you may need to remove your front wheel to use one of these racks. Make sure to research the specifications of your model before you purchase it so that you are not surprised in the morning that you want to take a ride.

Trunk Storage

Most traditional cars have trunks of varying sizes. Some are large enough to accommodate bikes, although you will lose space for storing other possessions. If your trunk is big enough, you may be able to store your bike in an upright position. However, for smaller cars, your bike may have to be horizontal. Multiple bikes can be stored leaning against each other in a car’s boot. Just be careful not to get the pedals stuck in the other bikes’ chains. Otherwise, this method of transportation is safe and effective.

Make exercising enjoyable by going for long bike rides on scenic trails. Don’t stick to your neighborhood sidewalks and roads when you have the freedom of your car. Research the different kinds of transportation options and find the one that works best for your vehicle and budget. Then, grab your gear and start biking.