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Work Out Smarter, Not Harder: How to Optimize Your Session for Better Results

The most general advice you’ll hear among gym enthusiasts is that you need to, a) be consistent and, b) push further every day. Yes, there is undeniable merit to this line of thinking, but it casts too broad a net over those trying to build a formidable muscle framework.

Above all, it encourages a linear mindset, and linear is never good when it comes to your body. You have to think outside the box and exercise smarter, not harder. There’s always room to tweak and optimize your sessions for better results.

Prioritize comfort and performance

Let’s start with the basic element – and that element is you. To perform to the best of your abilities, you need to prioritize comfort. You need to be free to maneuver your body whichever way the exercise dictates. That’s why proper gym clothing is really important. You need to wear light, elastic materials that let your skin breathe and don’t obstruct your movement.

Look for items that won’t cause irritation from creasing, and to enhance your workout, try to look for accessories that are specifically designed by professionals from the athletic industry. For example, sauna vests offer a perfect combination of comfort and performance for an enhanced workout. Plus, you can wear them under your everyday clothing to amplify their effect.

Feeling as if you’ re one with your gym attire will also eliminate the nuisances which all accumulate to trigger stress – which, in turn, can make you gain weight due to the ubiquitous presence of cortisol in your bloodstream,according to recent findings.

Don’t waste money on gear you don’t actually need

That being said, you should be fully aware of the difference between truly useful accessories and those that are a waste of money. When it comes to athletic gear, this articlegives you excellent examples of what represents a bad investment.

For example, altitude training masks don’t work the way they’re advertised, i.e., they do not mimic the high altitude air. They simply reduce access to oxygen, which is certainly not the effect you’re trying to achieve during your workout. Also, branched-chain amino acids are a waste of money if you’re already increasing your intake of protein through natural, wholesome meals. BCAAs are meant to promote muscle building, but they essentially can’t do anything that simple eggs, beef, fish, chicken, and legumes do not already accomplish. 

Do not confuse your body

The time you spend in the gym does not translate to stronger muscles. For example, the common practice for many years dictated that you should cap off your daily session with a round of cardio. However, it turns out that this doesn’t help your muscle growth at all, but rather impedes it. This information might come as a shock to you, considering it’s the opposite of what’ve all abided by for years, but it makes sense.

Adding endurance exercises directly after a battery of lifting sessions confuses the body, causing something known as the interference effect. When this occurs, the body doesn’t know whether to prioritize endurance and performance or strength and size. Therefore, believe it or not, by doing a little less, you can achieve better results.

Instead, use that extra time togo to bed early and recover your body more efficiently so it can be primed and ready for a new day of exercises. When it comes to cardio, there’s nothing that an occasional morning jog or workout on your elliptical doesn’t solve. In other words, separating various types of exercising can make your performance and your workout goals more feasible.


Treat workouts like any other activity in your life – aim for efficiency instead of effort. The very fact that you’ve taken on daily exercise shows that you have the necessary motivation to make that effort in the first place.

In other words, it’s no longer a question of your willingness to work hard. Instead, redirect your focus to achieving your fitness goals in the most efficient way possible, without wasting any energy. Otherwise, you might be putting in too much into something that reaps only a fraction of the warranted results.