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What You Can Do To Maximize Home Fitness

Exercising at home is a popular yet underrated way to build muscle, lose weight, and/or improve flexibility and overall health. Many people enjoy it because it truly is a judgment-free zone. While one major drawback is a lack of supervision, modern technology enables people to choose from a seemingly endless library of fitness videos from qualified professionals. 

Get Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a safe, inexpensive, and effective way to have intense home workouts. There’s also a low risk of a serious injury due to lifting too much. Resistance bands are great for plyometric, strength training and cardio. There are different styles of bands and with varying levels of resistance. If an exercise becomes too easy for you, just use a heavier band. Bands also allow for more focus on the negative or eccentric phase of each repetition, which has many benefits. Light bands are also very useful for warming up, improving mobility and rehabbing injuries.

Get a Pool

Swimming is one of the best exercises and it can be done at home if you own a pool. Labor costs vary from state to state. Pool builders in Maryland or Florida typically costs less money than one in Pennsylvania, Oregon or Illinois. That said having a pool installed is no longer exclusive to the wealthy. And your family will enjoy it even if they don’t plan on using it for exercise, a pool should still have a positive impact on their health and fitness. 

Use Unlikely Exercise Apparatus

If you check around your home, chances are you find efficient ways to spice up your workout without purchasing any equipment. For instance, your stairs aren’t just stairs, they’re a place to do calf raises, dips, and some explosive, plyometric exercises. A chair can be used for incline or decline pushups. It is good to understand the difference between these two pushup variations, but both are great and can be done almost anywhere. You can also use any wall for handstand pushups, wall sits or stretching. Editing the speed of each rep will is another easy way to make your home workout more challenging. This should be limited to using sturdy structures and items such as walls, chairs, and the floor. Do not move furniture or other large objects in an attempt to exercise. 

Adjustable Dumbbells

This relatively new innovation is saving a lot of people and gyms money as well as time. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to add or reduce the amount of weight without buying extra free weights, barbells, clamps or having to worry about switching the weight if your workout calls for low rest, such as supersets. In the past, you either had to compromise by using a weight light enough to do all of your exercises which means you won’t get the best possible workout because you’re not fully pushing yourself. Or you’d sacrifice your form by using a weight that’s perfect for one exercise, but too heavy for another. The third option was to take off the clamps and switch the amount of weight between sets. This seems minor, but if you’re serious about getting in shape, you want to make sure you don’t waste any time. While rest is needed between sets, too much rest is counterproductive. 

Posing In Your Mirror

Yes, making muscles poses is one of the hidden gems which is unknown to the vast majority of the public. You might feel silly doing it, but post-workout posing is a great way to force even more blood into the muscles you just worked. Doing this helps your muscles mature faster, which is a good thing. Some people aren’t comfortable doing this in public, even if they are in great shape. However, your bathroom or bedroom mirror is all you need. Technically, you don’t need a mirror to pose, but it helps you see your muscles in detail. Looking at yourself in the mirror can also help you monitor your progress, spending too much in front of the mirror may lead to not thinking you’re making any progress. 


These of some overlooked ways to maximize your home fitness. To recap, using resistance bands, exercising with stairs and chairs, getting a pool, investing in adjustable dumbbells, and posing are all great ways to get the most of working out at home. You can combine these things, pick one, or do certain ones seasonally. Other things which can be done at home include yoga, balance drills, and playing catch with a family member. It doesn’t matter what you choose, the key is to stay consistent to see results.