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Weighing up the Benefits of Protein Supplements

More and more physically active people are learning and investing in protein to help with their physical goals. Protein is one of the essential supplements our body needs to build and restore tissues. It engineers the building of muscles, bones, skin, cartilage, and blood. It also makes hormones, enzymes and other important elements that the body needs. Protein is a building block of many essential chemicals for the body, which allows the body to recover quickly from physical activities that you go through every day. With its countless health benefits which seem to target bodybuilding aspects, it’s no surprise that protein is widely used and continues to gain popularity among the physically buff.

The protein contains calories and is one of the three calorie-bearing types of nutrients, the other two are carbohydrates and fats. Physically active people prefer the calorie content of protein as compared to the other two, for obvious health reasons. Because of its ability to repair damaged tissues and build bones and muscles, protein can somehow also be called a health insurance, a safety net for pushing your physical limits. Here are other benefits of protein supplements.

  1. Effects on muscle growth

Protein is widely known as an excellent choice of compound to boost or replenish your energy after a vigorous physical activity. Did you know that, apart from being a common favorite among bodybuilders and gym-goers to boost energy, protein is also a building block for muscle growth?

Protein intake stimulates the muscle protein synthesis and balances the protein muscle balance which allows you to develop lean muscles with less of the extra mass. This means you can have a more toned set of muscles while also balancing its growth. After the workout, a protein shake is a common choice because it rebuilds the depleted muscle tissues and repair muscles.

  1. Improve high-intensity activity

High-intensity activities require more energy to be able to deliver and complete tasks effectively on a daily basis, may it be on regular or occasional activities. Protein is commonly associated with bodybuilding and large muscles, but in hindsight, it is also an effective energy-boosting substance that can energize even those who are not physically active. Protein shakes and other protein-rich products are often recommended to be taken before going through a high-intensity activity.

Protein promotes proper cell growth and balanced energy regulation which makes it an efficient energy source that can last on a strenuous physical activity. It also improves cardiovascular functions and muscle contractions which are both essentials when you are the type to go on high-intensity activities such as sports, mountain climbing, swimming, etc. Without the right amount of protein in the body, your regular energy may deplete and you may not be able to perform well on strenuous activities.

  1. Nutrition in a package

A healthy diet includes all the food groups and necessary supplements that your body needs on a daily basis. Your daily nutritional needs should be met if you want to have a healthy and fit body. Admittedly, maintaining a strict diet may sometimes prove to be a challenge, especially when you are pressed for time.

To meet your daily protein requirement, there are plenty of choices as to how you can do your protein intake. Breakfast and lunch are the best times of the day to break out your protein-rich diet. You can eat simple protein-rich types of food to have a boost, or you can have the common and popularized protein shake.

  1. Effects on weight loss

Because protein is a calorie-bearing substance, alongside carbohydrates and fats, it is typical to feel hesitant to invest in protein for your weight loss regime. After all, protein is common among bodybuilders and those who work on gaining weight. However, research shows that protein shows positive effects on weight loss. Although it is one of three types of calorie, taking protein will make you feel full and less hungry, thus avoiding more calories from in-between meals.

Furthermore, on weight loss, studies show that protein helps regulate the muscle and bone growth which permits to a balanced physical growth.

  1. Effects on performance

Performance is an underlying reason why people invest in their bodies and the improvement of their muscles. Research suggests that protein intake before going to sleep at night is an effective way to improve performance because your body works double time when you are asleep. Muscle and bone growth are well regulated and the outcome is a better and healthier physical version of yourself, while also improving your endurance and skills on many different kinds of physical activities.

Studies have seen astonishing results on people who take protein before bedtime where the muscles are reconditioned overnight. Physical strength is improved and muscles easily adapt to sudden physical changes such as vigorous activities.

  1. Effects on sleep

This may be contradictory since protein is known to be an energy-boosting compound and taking it before bedtime may cause problems with sleep. However, taking the right amount, dosage and type of food containing protein before bedtime may be the secret to improving your sleep. According to research, slowly digested kinds of protein have positive effects on sleep without disrupting any sleeping pattern or disallowing sleep altogether. It is important to note that the right kind of protein meal should be taken into consideration if you want it to have a positive effect on your sleep.


Protein is a basic necessity for our bodies, whether you are physically active or not. It is part of our daily nutritional needs and should be strictly part of our diet. You can choose to take protein on its most basic form such as eggs, milk, chicken, meat, and yogurt. If you like to mix it up a little, you can make your own protein shake with the essentials such as soy, whey or milk. Regardless of your choice on how to take protein, and regardless of your goals in being physical, protein should be on the top of your list for a healthy lifestyle.