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Try These Creative Outdoor Workouts

Try These Creative Outdoor Workouts

Staying in shape is healthful, but how you do that is up to you. Some people go to the gym, but not everyone wants to keep paying that monthly fee when they can workout outdoors. The following are a few creative ways you can work outside beyond the normal jog, hike, or biking options.

The Mat and You

One effective way to work out is to use a mat. You can carry that along with your water in a drawstring bag as you hike or walk to a location with flat ground.

Use this mat to do push ups, sit ups, and long-distance jumping. To do long distance jumping, jump the length of your mat and do so a few times. Make sure the mat is thick enough to shield your hands from the terrain, which can be a little unforgiving.

Paddle, Paddle

Stand-up paddle boarding is a fun water activity. All you have to do is balance yourself on a big board, and paddle one way or the other. It may seem like the easiest thing in the world, but it is a pretty good workout, especially if you take it seriously.

This activity works your entire body with a major focus on your core muscles that you’ll be using to maintain your stability. You are also going to be doing a lot of swinging as you paddle. The exercise you’ll be getting is equivalent to a really good hike.

Scavenger Exercise

Another interesting way to spice up the way you exercise outside is to create your very own scavenger hunt. What you can do is follow your regular jogging route, except hunt for things like a bench or fellow jogger.

When you see one of the things you are hunting, stop, and do a set of push ups or squats before you jog again. This stimulates the mind and gives you more to do when you exercise outdoors.

Terrain Intensity

Nature is wild but beautiful. The brain is stimulated in positive ways if you allow yourself to be outdoors more but so is the rest of your body, especially if you start running on uneven terrain. This might sound strange, but uneven terrain makes you work harder because each step is a different struggle.

You might have to exert more energy to climb a small hill or anything else this wild terrain could throw your way. Of course, you’ll have to pay more attention to the terrain to make sure you aren’t stepping on sharp rocks or puddles giving your brain exercise, too.

Be a Dog’s Best Friend

Another thing you can do is play with your dog or adopt one. You could also try to volunteer as a dog walker, or do this as a side gig from time to time. Dogs have a lot of energy, which means they can help you exercise. Do more than just jog with them; actually engage in activities like fetch.

All that activity is still a bit of work out, and that should get your blood pumping. Those who take it on as a side gig are not only going to be working out but getting a little cash on the side, too.

Manual Labor

There are a number of jobs you can get that require you to work outside and be quite active. If you’re use to desk jobs, this kind of job may seem strange to take on, but some of these positions do put the body to work, and that is what you want.

For example, you can take a job in construction, or you can see if you can work in a national park for some time. These types of jobs are not only demanding; you may also be able to save money if you don’t get a gym membership. No one is going to tell you what to do or how to work out, but manual labor was a main source of exercise for people years ago.

Get Sporty

Sports helps you exercise, especially if you play a little more seriously. Go ahead and join groups, or start your own sports group. Try to stick to physical sports like football, soccer, or basketball.

Making sure you play with individuals who are competitive will ensure that each game you play is as intense as it could be. Intensity is what you want in order to get the proper workout you’re hoping for. Now, it is important to play as safely as possible since this activity is contact sports, which could be dangerous if not played with caution.

Touch of Serenity

You can also take up a few exercise routines that are meant to be done outside, like tai-chi or yoga. Both routines can be done in nature and are pretty good for your body.

These are quite popular, so those familiar with this should start with harder and more intense routines, but those who are new should start at the beginner level just to be safe. You can follow instructors using nothing but a tablet and your Bluetooth headphones, which you can carry with you in your drawstring carrier.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to workout outside, in nature. Be open to making new friends who want to exercise in the great outdoors with you. These individuals may have additional outdoor workout ideas for you to try, like rowing a boat just to exercise.

You do not have to exercise outdoors all the time. You can always do indoor workouts, but make sure you keep going out whenever you can because there are benefits to it.