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Tips to Make Your Workouts More Efficient

Exercising without a strategy is just like spitting into the wind – it doesn’t work. If you want to fine-tune your body and achieve your fitness goals, you should get the most from your workout sessions. Getting healthy and lean is not all about how much time you spend in the gym, but rather how you spend the time. Fortunately, scientists have got your back. Thanks to the latest research on fitness, here are amazing tips on how to make the most of your time at the gym.

1. Listen to music

Now, this is one of the oldest tips, but it works. Everybody has a playlist they like listening to when lifting weights, running or doing other kinds of exercises. In a journal of physiology and pharmacology, Indian researchers reported that music had positive post-workout results. Music enhances the body’s levels of dopamine and serotonin. The hormones are known to speed up recovery. So, next time after working out, consider listening to some soothing tracks. It will help control your heart rate and keep your blood pressure in check.

2. Eat the right pre-workout nutrition and hydrate

About an hour before stepping into the gym, take time to prepare a meal that will get you ready for the exercises. Food that is high in protein, carbohydrates and a bit of fat is all you need for a successful session. Avoid food that has high-fat content as it might inhibit the production of growth hormones. Taking the food an hour before will ensure adequate time for digestion and avert gastric discomfort. Drinking enough water and taking testosterone booster will help too.

3. Use free weights

Weight machines are an excellent addition to your workout routine especially when you are starting and, you need to learn correct form. However, once you get into the flow, you should switch to using free weights such as kettlebells and dumbbells. Research shows that free weights stimulate increased hormone responses compared to similar exercises performed on machines. That is so mainly because free-weight exercises work on a broad range of muscles. All your synergistic muscles are involved in firing up your muscles when you use free weights.

4. Focus on your goal

The next time you are preparing for a workout session, picture yourself being powerful as you pump out on the exercises you have organized for the day. A large part of a successful weight training session is determined on your mental state. So, take the time to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically. You will not believe the amount of potential you have lying inside you when you harness all your power and focus it on getting fit.

5. Dress to win

Choosing the right workout attire will increase your confidence and make you inclined to work out your muscles. The better you feel in your skin and clothes, the better the results you are likely to display in the gym. For instance, if you want to tone down your upper body, wearing something that shows off your arms and delts might inspire you to work harder. Besides the aesthetics, it is advisable to wear appropriate clothes to minimize injury risks.

6. Get organized

Before leaving your house in the morning, make sure that you have all the essentials you require for the work out session. They include straps, water, belts, and chalk. When you are fully prepared for the lifting session, it lowers the possibility of skipping the gym. You can also find a buddy who is into staying fit and tag them along.

Nobody hits the gym hoping for midway results. You go in with the intent of getting 100 percent from every rep you do. Working out is not all you need to be fit. You should also be focused and strategic.

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