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Tips for Building and Maintaining Muscle

Working out is hard and finding the time to stick to an exercise routine is difficult with our busy schedules. So, when you make a commitment to your health and start to work out, you want to see results and see them fast. And you certainly don’t want to spend your time, effort, and energy building your physique just to find that you are accidentally hurting yourself and losing muscle mass by not following a few simple tips.

Get Enough Rest

First of all, it’s important to get enough sleep. Adequate rest is necessary when you are expending energy working out. You need to get enough sleep to allow your body and mind to rest, recharge, and repair. Be sure to allow your muscles to rest as well. Alternate harder workouts with some easier moves to both prevent injury and allow your cells and muscles time to rebuild and repair any damage. Any strenuous activity or weight training will cause small tears in your muscle tissue to allow for growth, but this needs time to repair. Switch up your routine, especially if you’re injured. If you try to work through an injury you can cause even more harm and impede your progress. You can focus on a different muscle group or a different exercise that’s not as high intensity to give yourself time to heal. You don’t have to remain sedentary but consider trying something gentle like yoga or a walk. Changing up your workout will also keep you from getting bored and more likely to stick to it. 

Weight Train

Cardio is a great exercise for keeping you healthy and fit, but if you want to build or maintain muscle mass, then you need to focus on weight training. As you increase your strength, you can increase weights and repetitions to continue to build upon your progress. Make sure to work all muscle groups, don’t overlook one and overwork any other. 

Eat Right

Proper nutrition is also vital for maintaining muscle mass. Protein is very important when it comes to building muscle. While you need more protein to build muscle than you do to maintain it, make sure to consume the proper amounts of protein recommended for your weight and adjust as necessary. 

Also, be sure to eat enough calories. Oftentimes, people want to restrict calories to maximize weight loss, but too little calories can be detrimental. Your body needs adequate calories to fuel your workouts and recovery. Too few calories can cause your body to take the nutrients it needs from your muscles, breaking down the very tissue you are trying to build. Starving yourself will not only deplete your energy and break down muscle, but can even lower your metabolism, causing setbacks to your goals. 

Pay attention to how you feel and listen to your body. You can also choose to take a supplement to fill any nutritional gaps in your diet. A supplement can help you to build up your strength faster and improve your recovery time. There are many different types of supplements available. You can try individual ones or a collection of complementary ones such as these muscle building stacks.


Proper hydration is vital when it comes to building muscles. Muscle tissue is mostly water, so increased water will aid in growth. Water also acts as a lubricant and supports recovery. Make sure to increase your water intake as you are working out more to make up for the water loss from sweating. Stick with plain water or water that is infused with natural flavors instead of sugary sports drinks. Adequate amounts of water will support your whole body from your skin to your joints and digestive system. 

You can make great strides towards your goal of building lean muscle by following these healthy tips. Just a few simple adjustments to your normal habits can help you to maximize results. They will also benefit your overall health and keep you feeling great.