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Tips and Techniques for Your Defense and Win More Fights

People often find themselves taking T.H.A Martial Arts & Kickboxing self-defense classes just to ensure they don’t get into a rough situation and suffer some consequences. In some parts of the world, this is more necessary than in others, but the point remains the same – everyone should know how to protect themselves from physical attacks.

However, certain people like fighting others and do it either as a hobby or as a sport. Whether it’s boxing, judo, MMA, and other contact sports, these people train a lot and rearrange how they fight to ensure maximum survivability and success.

Contact sports is nothing new; people have been fighting in areas specially designed for this sort of thing. The arenas might have changed (and some of the methodologies behind contact sports like boxing), but the overall purpose of it has not.

In this article, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into what you can do to win more boxing fights. For starters, many people completely or partially ignore the importance of defense. You cannot fight for long if your opponent keeps smacking you in the face. If you know how to defend yourself and counter-attack, you’ll stay on your feet longer and will have higher chances of winning.

So, what should you do? Let’s take a look!

Don’t Get Hyper and Nervous

Many boxers start their careers by being explosive, almost flagrant to themselves. Younger boxers sometimes enter the ring hyping themselves up like they’re the best thing ever to grace the sport.

Meanwhile, the calm, relaxed boxer in the other corner is just patiently waiting and calculating in his head. He’s observing his opponent very carefully. He isn’t jumpy or riled up by his opponent.

As soon as the fight starts, the relaxed boxer often destroys the other, hyped up guy. How so? Why did the boxer with ‘less’ observable energy win so quickly against someone who’s really into the sport (as far as the eye can see)?

Well, keeping calm and collected is a big part of being successful in boxing. The hand movements and lunges are very quick, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll get hit. This is why giving too much energy and hype to yourself isn’t right. It’s also bad being nervous – the guy in the other corner is the same as you; ready to fight and wanting to win. Just be better than him, and you’ll win. Remember: Looks can be deceiving!

Stay Confident and Motivated

Boxing is a relatively even sport in most cases. Boxers hit each other multiple times until one starts to lose energy and strength. Getting punched in the face constantly is normal in this sport; after all, your opponent knows how to fight.

The tough part comes from keeping yourself together. Don’t lose hope if your opponent starts getting the upper hand; a well-placed uppercut could cause a knockout, and you’d win regardless of the score in the previous rounds. So, motivate yourself and don’t give up at first sight of trouble – the fight lasts until someone drops or the bell rings!

Attack Where It Hurts

Boxing isn’t like MMA where a plethora of moves are allowed (and many more which are not but you understand). Boxing allows only a certain number of acceptable moves and hit areas. The groin is off limits, so are the legs, so is the back of the head.

But the face and torso are free for hits. Some boxers can withstand head impacts better; others fare better with torso hits. Try to find a balance or be mindful during the fight and see how the opponent reacts. Target weak areas; you’ll have higher chances of wearing your opponent down and going for a final blow rather than trying for a lucky knockout.

Protect Yourself With Your Hands

The hands are your most important body part in boxing. They serve the purpose of being a weapon in the sense that you use your hands to hit your opponent. They are also necessary for defense. And that’s what we mentioned earlier – that defense plays a big role in letting you achieve greatness in boxing.

Use your hands to prevent your opponent from hitting your face. It is essential to have quick reactions so you can adapt to an incoming hit.

If an opponent starts hitting your torso, do not lower your hands and try to defend that way. This opens up easy access to the head and boom – you’re knocked out cold. Instead, keep your hands in front of your head but slightly bend and try to block hits with your elbows.

In any case, the hands are everything in boxing so learn how to use them in all aspects of the sport!

If You Get Hit, Bounce Back Immediately

Getting hit in a boxing game is just ‘another day in the office’. Don’t fret even if you do; no one is perfect in any aspect of life, and you can’t be a perfect boxer either. What’s important is that you bounce back as quickly as possible.

Letting your opponent have even a fraction of a second of free reign is bad because one hit is nothing, two hits hurt, more than that is a potential knockout. And once you get out of your groove by taking a hit (and not responding back), chances are you’ll take too many blows to count.

So, if you get hit, adjust your strategy and prevent another one. Bounce back and fight ‘till the end!

Take an Opportunity to Run

Running around the ring is not forbidden by any rules. You don’t always have to be up your opponent’s face or near him; give yourself time to recuperate by running away and circling him. Catch your breath and rethink the strategy.

This is another form of defense; you’re moving away from your opponent and preventing hits. You’re also getting back into the groove. So, don’t be ashamed or afraid to run away – this is a normal part of the sport!