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The Best Workouts for Florida Residents

The Best Workouts for Florida Residents

Florida residents can take part in all sorts of different activities in order to stay healthy. Thanks to the beautiful weather, outdoor activities are the perfect way to get in some exercise. These workout ideas are some that any Florida resident will enjoy.


Florida is surrounded by water. Because of this, many residents prefer to get a workout in by going swimming. For those that would rather stay out of the ocean, they can swim in inground pools Santa Rosa Beach. No matter if you want to swim in the ocean or the pool, the water will allow you to cool off while getting in a workout all at the same time.


You can easily enjoy the Florida scenery by running. There are numerous trails to enjoy all throughout the state. Experienced runners may even try going for a run on the beach. Running is very convenient since all you have to do is throw on some sneakers and head outdoors. Even if you aren’t great at running, you can slowly work on building up your endurance. Pick a beautiful spot to run at, and alternate between running and walking.

Paddle Boarding

You can enjoy the many bodies of water in and around Florida without getting wet. If you are looking for a way to get in a good workout, you should try paddle boarding. Although it looks easy, it is definitely harder than it looks. Paddle boarding will allow you to work your arms and your core.

Ultimate Frisbee

A great way to get your competitive juices flowing is through a good game of ultimate frisbee. You will get a great workout in as you run around trying to throw and catch the frisbee. You can either join a league, or you can gather some friends together one afternoon to play a game.

Scuba Diving

Many individuals don’t realize that they can actually get in a great workout by going scuba diving. Between wearing the heavy gear and swimming underwater, it really is quite the workout. If you love the ocean and are looking to try a new workout, consider scuba diving. You can get certified pretty quickly, and you will find that there are quite a few opportunities to go diving.


Florida is a great state to bike in. No only are there plenty of paved bike baths, but the roadways tend to be bicyclist friendly. Biking not only will allow you to burn some calories, but you can see a lot of interesting sights in nature as well. Even if you don’t own a bike, you can usually find a bike shop to rent one from. Biking will allow you to get a pretty intense leg workout in.

Walking Tour

If you are interested in a particular city, explore it by going on a walking tour. You can learn about the area, see the sites and get in some exercise. These tours are great because they will allow you to burn calories, but it won’t feel like you are actually working out. If you find yourself exercise resistant, consider walking around and exploring a destination of interest. You can choose to go on an organized tour, or you can create a walking tour of your own.

In conclusion, Florida is the perfect state to spend some time outdoors. You can easily enjoy the Sunshine State and get in some exercise as well. Try one of the workouts mentioned above to up your exercise game. You can burn calories and have a lot of fun all at the same time.