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Sport-Specific Fitness Program for Golfers

Throughout the years, former world number one players Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have constantly proved that a healthy physique goes hand-in-hand with an exceptional golf game. However there’s no getting around it: in order for golfers to lower their handicap they have to put in the work inside the gym. However, they shouldn’t just start off with any type of workout or exercise routine, as they have to target certain muscle groups that they use on the course while playing on a regular basis. Here is where a sport-specific training regimen for golf comes into play.

Before anything else, even though these movements and/or program will not and cannot replace the actual method of practicing long drives and short games, they have what it takes to improve these facets. In a nutshell, the following exercise routine for golfers – if done correctly – can enhance their dynamic flexibility, which is essential for more range in their swing. It can also better the ball’s distance during drives, as players build stronger acceleration and force. Furthermore, it can help acquire a steadier base, an important factor when it comes to controlling the swing and increasing consistency.


Foam Rolls – do both sides for 20 to 40 seconds.

Alternating Crossover – do five reps each leg.

Elbow Rock Back – do 10 reps.

Straight Leg Raise with Band Pull – do 10 reps each leg.

Rib Roll – do 10 reps each side.

Twister – do 10 reps each side.

Half Kneeling Medicine Ball Side Chest Pass – do three sets of 12 reps.


Single Leg Deadlift – do three sets of 10 reps.
Armbar with Screwdriver – do three sets of eight reps

Dumbbell Row to Kickback – do three sets of 10 reps.
Half Kneeling Cable Chop – do three sets of 15 reps.

Lying Kettlebell Pullover – do three sets of eight reps.
Lower Trunk Rotation – do two sets of 12 reps.

Lat Hang – do three sets of 10 seconds.

From the movements used to execute a certain swing to the various courses encountered, golf, just like most sports, is a game that entails a lot of mirroring. Golf website Play Your Course, a website that pairs pros and students from Houston to Long Island, even points out how the Shell Houston Open officials specifically designed its course to simulate the conditions of the Masters tournament. The same idea goes with these aforementioned exercises, and how it replicates the actual movements of golfers day in and day out. Not only does it help players achieve that Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy build, it is also programmed to increase their power, mobility, and stamina. For more sport-specific programs, fitness coaching, and exercise philosophies, please visit the blog page of Chris Ryan Fitness.