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Secrets Personal Trainers Won’t Tell You

Personal training is a great way to focus your exercise routine so that you can reach your healthy living goals. Ever wonder what secret knowledge they possess while they’re helping you train? Have a read through this article to uncover the top secrets personal trainers won’t tell you. You might just be surprised!

They Know When You Are Bluffing

Think you’re a master at lying to your personal trainer about your healthy habits? Do you think you’ve convinced them that you went for a run when you didn’t or ate healthy instead of fast food? Then you might want to think again because your personal trainer can tell when you are bluffing!

Even if you tell your personal trainer that you had a nutritious meal before your workout when you really didn’t, if you’re getting easily fatigued they’ll know something is up. Whereas a nutritious meal will give you a boost of energy, fast food will tire you out quickly hinting to your personal trainer that you’ve been bluffing.

Not to mention that if you aren’t working out as frequently as planned you simply won’t be able to build up the necessary endurance. So when you train with them next they’ll be able to notice that your fitness performance hasn’t improved, a key indicator you’re bluffing. The solution? Just tell your personal trainer the truth and create a more sustainable fitness plan together.

They Are Taking Notes of Your Performance from Session to Session

Fitness trainers are always checking on your performance during training sessions. They might have a notebook, or tablet handy or take time to write down some notes later on. Either way, they’ll have a record of how you are performing session to session. This allows them to optimise your workout so you can effectively achieve your goals. So keep in mind that they’ll know something is up if you’re not performing as well as you’re supposed to.

Gyms Are Dirty

Something your personal trainer will probably never tell you is that gyms are dirty. When machines aren’t cleaned between each person they can easily pass on germs like those that carry the cold or flu virus. To counteract this wipe down machines with the provided cleaning solution before and after you use them. Then, it’s also important to bring your own towels and fitness matt if possible. This will help to minimise the contact you make with germs. And of course, wash your hands after your workout.

You Can Often Save Money On Training Costs If You Recruit a Few Friends

Unless your personal trainer specifies that they only do one-on-one sessions, chances are, you can bring a friend or two—and yes, group personal training sessions often result in discounts for the whole group! Working out with friends can also help you stick to your routine. When you are accountable to friends, you’ll be more likely to show up and give your personal training session your absolute best. You can also train with these friends outside of sessions to ensure you are getting the most out of your new healthy lifestyle.

It Takes More Than Just Showing Up, To Get You to Your Goal

Showing up for a workout is not the same as working out and giving it your best. It’s just the first step! They expect you to show up and expect you to work. Hiring a personal trainer is no excuse to slack off and not stick to your fitness routine. If anything, they’re there to challenge you, so be prepared to put everything you’ve got into our sessions. Giving it your best is also a great way to keep yourself motivated and stay on track to achieving your goals.