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Running and Mediterranean-style Diet Could Add Year To Your Life

If you had a chance to add some more years to your life, would you take it? I most definitely would. There are a couple of factors that could help you live a long and healthy life. Chief among these factors are exercise and your diet. It is interesting to note that when the mind and body are fit, one tends to live a longer and more fulfilled life. Running, on the one hand, has been seen as one of the best forms of exercise that has been known to reduce risk of death and prolong life.

On the other hand, a Mediterranean-style diet, which consists typically of vegetables, legumes, fish, fruits, olive oil, unrefined grains, nuts, and some wine, further extends lifespan. Running and Mediterranean-style diet combined could help slow down biological aging while at the same time making sure you are fit and healthy.

Running and Extended Life Span

Research shows that running for an hour could add seven hours to a person’s life. Compared to other physical activities, like cycling, swimming, and walking, running is the most beneficial. Inactivity has been known to account for about 9% of deaths all over the world, which makes it the 4th leading cause of death. No matter how short the duration is, running daily has its benefits. When your fitness level is high, the risk of death will be lower.

Runners have been said to outlive non-runners by about 3 years. Running can be combined with other forms of exercise like swimming, soccer, cycling, and lawn tennis and still be beneficial. However, it is more beneficial to stick exclusively to running than to engage in any other exercise besides running, and websites such as Jogging Addiction are a great place to obtain information and latest trends from the running world.

Mediterranean-Styles Diet and Extended Life Span

The Mediterranean-style diet is the best diet for any age group. This nutritionally-dense diet has been the mainstay of the Mediterranean natives for a very long time. Many of these natives are known for exceptional longevity. After watching the way of life of these natives for a very long time, this heart-healthy diet has been adopted by people all over the world.

To boost longevity and fight inflammation, it is rich in vegetables (like avocados and tomatoes), fruits (like tomatoes, figs, and apples), whole grains (like pitas, rice, and barley), legumes (like beans and lentils which are rich in protein and fibre), dairy (like brie, parmesan, and yoghurt), fish (like tuna and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids), poultry (like turkey and duck), as well as healthy oils (like olive oil).

Furthermore, the Mediterranean-style diet has been known to help reduce blood pressure, retain cognitive abilities, and also stave off dementia. With the Mediterranean-style diet, you can focus on eating real food, that is also delicious, while living longer.

Mediterranean-Style Diet and Running

Running is a fun exercise that requires a healthy person to perform. That is to say, you cannot enjoy your run if you are not eating healthy food. You will need regular consumption of nutritious diet to equip your body for optimal performance. As a matter of fact, no one knows the value of good eating habits and impact of food on overall health like runners do. The Mediterranean-style diet is the best food to eat before each run. Making this diet a way of life is a reflection of how health-conscious you are as a runner.

Benefits of the Mediterranean-Style Diet for Runners

There are a lot of benefits to enjoy when you decide to regularly eat the Mediterranean kind of diet. In what ways is this kind of diet beneficial to runners?

  • It helps the heart. To run effectively, you heart has to be healthy. A healthy heart is one that does what it is supposed to do when it should do it. When the heart pumps blood which is in turn effectively delivers oxygen throughout the body, you will have less cramps and sore joints. With a healthy heart, there is reduced risk of heart diseases and improved circulation.
  • It helps maintain a healthy weight. Running helps burn fat, but when combined with the Mediterranean diet, your heart will be well-prepared for a great running experience. The components of the Mediterranean diet are mainly healthy fats and less saturated and trans fats. With this, your body will maintain a healthy running weight and your chances of being obese will be very slim.
  • It keeps you agile. Runners need agility and fluidness to run successfully. The phytonutrients and much-needed minerals produced by this diet will help strengthen the muscles and reduce weakening. This diet will keep you running healthily irrespective of your age.
  • It promotes healthy mental functions. A healthy mind will produce a healthy body. This diet helps deliver the mental and physical health runners need for an optimal performance.

Every individual is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping him or herself healthy in both mind and body. Running has the all-important task of keeping you alive a bit longer. It is also cost-effective, convenient, and inexpensive. However, you cannot run regularly on an unhealthy diet. Recent research has shown that people who eat the Mediterranean diet will live longer. Therefore, if the longevity that comes with running regularly is combined with a regular intake of a healthy Mediterranean-style diet, the result will be splendid.