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Relieve Stress and Enjoy a Spa Day at Home

Stress is a common part of life that everyone experiences. Sometimes it may fade when you get a long weekend off of work or drive out of town on a road trip, but that only pushes the stress away and leaves the door open for it when you return.

Many people head to the spa to banish their stress, both physically and mentally. While it’s nice to treat yourself sometimes, the spa is expensive for most people living on a budget or paycheck to paycheck. Besides, you might not have time to go to the spa even if you can afford it.

Instead of carving out a few minutes of your free time for another trip to town, relieve stress and enjoy a spa day at home. Try these easy tips to feel like you’re at the spa without wasting your time or money.

Sip on Infused Water

When you first walk into a spa, you might notice a large container of infused water by the door. It’s free for guests to sip on while they wait for their treatment to begin or someone may serve you a glass after you check in.

Infused water is easy to recreate at home, but should be prepped well in advance of your spa treatment. Grab your favorite citrus fruits, berries and flavored extracts and let them soak in a pitcher overnight for at least twelve hours to get their full flavor. Sip on the water until the citrus fruits begin to sour or up to one week.

Enjoy a Face Mask

Face masks are another spa staple item that people look forward to for months at a time. There are plenty to choose from at the store or the spa, but you can make your own with tailored ingredients to your skin’s needs.

Think about what kind of mask you’d request at a spa. Your skin may need hydration, a calming mask or one that’s designed to heal abrasions and acne. Before you mix any ingredients, check out face mask recipes that use ingredients you might already have at home. It’s cost-efficient and just as effective as an expensive spa face mask.

Soak in a Hot Tub

Part of relieving stress is releasing tension from your muscles, which makes a hot tub the perfect addition to your at-home spa. When you sit down in a hot tub, the hot temperature immediately relaxes your muscles and improves your blood flow that would otherwise have been restricted from tense blood vessels.

Before you set up a hot tub in your yard, think about keeping it inside. If your hot tub is indoors, you’ll find many extra benefits like increased privacy and shelter from the weather. It makes it easier to enjoy your hot tub and get the most out of every experience.

Relax in a Massage Chair

Many people go to the spa for a relaxing massage, which is much harder to recreate at home unless you have a friend skilled in massage techniques. Instead, invest in a massage chair and let it banish your stress. Depending on which chair you get, you could get a full-body massage that transforms how you feel.

Think About What You Want

No one goes to the spa without knowing what they want from their experience. Think about what your body needs and how stress affects you the most. You may need a cleansing glass of water, a soothing face mask or time in a hot tub that reaches deep into your muscles to relax you inside and out.

Decide what you want and build your at-home spa experience around those expectations. You’ll get exactly what you need when you need it, without traveling to an over-priced spa or spending time away from home.