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Reasons to Encourage Fitness in the Workplace

Sometimes with schedules becoming busy and other responsibilities, it can be a challenge to work exercise in to your normal routine. Here are some tips on why exercise and fitness is always a good thing for your employees. 

Produce Serotonin and Dopamine

Exercise is a proven way to increase serotonin and dopamine, two chemicals in the brain that are responsible for happiness, creativity, and putting you in a good mood. Doing cardio for just a few minutes every day, such as taking a walk on your lunch break, can provide a much-needed boost to elevate those chemicals and encourage productivity among your employees. Happy employees are more open-minded and willing to work together to accomplish tasks. Regulation of these chemicals can also lead to better sleep, which will help your team immensely overall. 

Raise Energy Levels

When you exercise regularly, you also contribute to feeling more energized throughout the day. Depending on where your workspace is located, you can encourage your team to go to a nearby gym or take a walk during the afternoon slump. For example, if you have a Los Angeles Office Space, you can take advantage of the good weather in southern California by encouraging your employees to get outside for their exercise as often as possible. Getting some rays when you are in an office environment all day also has a marked effect on having more energy. 

Motivational Encouragement

Sometimes it can be difficult to convince your employees of the importance of regular exercise. However, providing a motivational program, and perhaps a system of incentives, can go a long way in forming lasting habits. For example, you could consider dividing your employees into teams, and whichever team does the most exercise together over a certain period of time earns a reward. Remind your employees consistently that they are doing a great job in trying to be healthier and make positive life improvements. You should also be sure to tell them that encouraging each other is one of the most effective ways to accomplish team goals and directives. 

Keep Muscles Flexible

One of the possible determinants of working in an office environment is the tendency to sit for long periods of time, perhaps in uncomfortable positions. This can be mediated by stretching at intervals throughout the day, in order to increase or maintain flexibility in your muscles that may be getting overused or not used at all. You should remind your employees to take a few minutes every hour and do some stretches to keep them from getting stiff. This way, they will not suffer from back or neck pain and will be more likely to engage in other fitness activities as well.

Think Out of the Box

If some of your other ideas for office fitness are not working, you may need to think of something unique in order to get your employees to hone in on the importance of exercise. One example is that you can offer an incentive to sign up for a group run that is for a good cause. You can also look into classes that are held at a nearby gym or park, and offer employees time off if they decide that they would like to participate. Always be innovative when thinking of new ways to integrate fitness, exercise, and healthy eating into your office culture. 

It does not have to be a challenge to make sure that your employees are staying as healthy as they can be during the workday. With these tips, you are sure to have a team that enjoys exercising, and will reap the benefits of keeping fit, even while at the office.