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Your Protein Diet needs When Training: Myths and Reality

“Are you looking forward to a perfectly trimmed physique with some amazingly toned features? If so, be prepared for an intense routine training”. My no-nonsense trainer always shouted this words before we started our daily training. Well, his words are still fresh in my mind.

When I was 16, I felt a deep urge to add some features to my bare unattractive body. Seriously! who doesn’t crave for some stupid teenager publicity with the boys?

Well, I can’t complain about the training my training, it was fruitful. However, I thought that the progress was kinda slow. Something had to be urgently done: the belly fat and the muscles needed a whole new refurbish. So, after conducting an in-depth research on “how to gain and keep an attractive physique”, I found out that apart from exercising; my protein intake also mattered.

So, what is the Deal with Protein?

Protein is a key recipe ingredient when it comes to building strong blocks of muscles. Well, muscles are made from two key amino acid filaments (myosin and actin). So when you consume proteins, your body will break it down into its basic components (amino acids). Amino acids form the foundation for building strong muscles among other vital body functions. So, if you want to build some lean toned muscles with a glowing healthy skin, brace yourself for some protein-rich diet.

How do Proteins Help Keep you fit?


Well, keeping fit is all about getting rid of excess fat from your body. According to food and drug administration, protein is an important nutrient when it comes to building an attractive physique and weight loss. However, there is a common misconception that instead of reducing weight, consuming proteins instead result in weight gain. Well, depending on the purity of the proteins you consume this myth can either be true or wrong.

According to FDA, 90% of the proteins we consume come from animal products (eggs, beef, and milk). The truth, however, is that these animal products are packed with huge amounts of fats which result into weight gain. The truth is that pure proteins do not cause weight gain. This explains the reason behind the misconception that eating proteins result in weight gain.

However, if you are trying to keep fit, this does not mean that proteins are off your menu as there are a number of protein supplements available like Whey. These protein extracts are exceptionally pure (free from carbs) with zero negative health effects; making them the best protein alternatives for you. However, if you just can’t do without beef, buy a lean piece preferably cut from around the thigh area.

1. Consider Low carb protein powder
2. Boil your meat rather than frying it
So, when it comes to keeping fit, proteins works in a number of mechanisms.

1. Regulates Hormones Secretion

According to a research by FDA, your weight is constantly monitored by a specialized part of the brain called the hypothalamus. So, to determine the amount of food the body needs your brain collects and processes a number of vital raw data. From the information, your brain is able to determine which feeding behavior hormone to initiate.

So, what happens when you consume proteins?

When there is an increased supply of proteins in your system, your brain initiates the secretion of appetite reducing hormones ( GLP-1, cholecystokinin and peptide YY). This reduces your urge to eat foods rich in calories like carbohydrates and other sugary foods. So, with low intake of calories, your system utilizes most of your fat reserves hence helping you to lose weight and keep fit. In addition, with no excess carbs in your diet, the system utilizes all the carbs you eat and does not store any in form of fats.

2. Prevents Tissue Damage

Well, Proteins are an important component when it comes to improving your muscle health and performance. Eating a protein-rich meal before an exercise fills your bloodstreams with vital amino acids. This greatly improves your muscle building capacities. This guarantees healthier, stronger and bigger muscles.

In addition, these vital nutrients come in handy when replacing damaged cells and tissue muscles. With your cells getting replaced efficiently your muscles heal faster enabling them to quickly recover even after an intense training session.

1. Consider fast-digesting proteins, they kick in faster than their natural counterparts

Amount to Consume

Well, according to research, an average person needs about 0.8g/kg of proteins per day. However, if you are a bodybuilder your intake is slightly higher (1.2-1.4g/kg). Research from FDA suggests that your protein intake increases depending on the duration, frequency and the intensity of your exercise.

So, if you are constantly exercising you need higher protein intakes so as to keep your muscles properly nourished. For example, An individual involved in some endurance training and weighing about 120 pounds can get enough protein nourishment from granola and yogurt, a cheese sandwich, a glass of milk and a chicken breast.

Things to Avoid

1. Consuming Sweetened Protein Powder
So, if you are a serious athlete, definitely you have tasted both the flavored and plain protein shakers. Well, with some chocolate or vanilla flavor, of course, you liked the sweetened brand. However, you need to understand their sugary taste is not natural and has devastating effects on your body health.
Consuming these sweetened powders introduces large amounts of calories in your body which are converted into fats and stored within the body. So, consider Low carb protein powder.

2. Consuming Excess Protein
Watching your diet is impartial to keeping fit. Well, proteins are highly advantageous when it comes to keeping your body fit. However, consuming more than the recommended amount may affect your muscle formation.

I remember how I was fascinated when I learned that proteins can really get me into shape. Ignorantly, I stuffed my body with chicken meat and protein supplements. Well at first everything seemed to work according to plan. However, after a month or so, I realized instead of my body getting sculptured I was gaining weight.

Well, there is no health problems related to consuming large amounts of proteins.

So, when there is an excess supply of proteins, your body does not directly store it as in the case of carbohydrates. Rather it breaks down the excess proteins into fats while the byproduct is excreted. This adds to your fat reserves which result into weight gain rather than muscle build up.

Bottom Line

Apart from keeping your body in top condition by repairing worn out cells and reducing appetite, protein plays a vital role in boosting your immunity and formation of new cells and mental coordination. So it is a vital nutrition component for ultimate to body health which you can’t afford to miss in your diet.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our article and learned something new. I would be glad if you could take your time and hit our comment box and make me know your thoughts. Trust me someone out there will appreciate your suggestions. Thanks for reading through.



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