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Post-Workout Recovery Hacks

Working out is the single greatest secret to longevity and your overall health. Nevertheless, working out can be draining on newcomers who haven’t developed some helpful post-workout recovery techniques. You may feel completely exhausted or even like you were hit by a truck after a serious grueling day at the gym. Below, we have published some interesting post-workout recovery hacks that are sure to have you pumped for 10 miles on the treadmill and some serious powerlifting by tomorrow.

#1: Ultra-Filtered Yogurt

When you work out, you are actually tearing your muscles. These micro-tears in your muscles force your body to regenerate the muscles with new amino acids pulled from the protein you eat. Protein is an amazing rejuvenation compound that can mean the difference between looking young and old.

Substances like sugar and fat tend to toxify the body with cholesterol and glycation processes that clog up arteries and cause our cells to become cancerous and malnourished.

Protein, on the other hand, is rich in all that collagen that is found in youthful people and that steak dinner you had last night. And one of the best low-fat or fat-free sources of protein is ultra-filtered yogurt. And you can get 50 grams of protein, enough to meet daily requirements, just by drinking a small bottle of ultra-filtered yogurt drinks.

Simply avoid anything with more than 9g of sugar per serving because that is more sugar than you’ll find in milk, which is your second-best source of natural protein. Protein shake mixes tend to have too many heavy metals and other stuff added that can be unhealthy for your body. Ditch the bodybuilder mix and stick with yogurt-based products.

#2: Bananas and Coconut Water

Bananas and coconut water both contain high levels of potassium. When you are dehydrated after a workout, imbibing potassium can help restore your electrolyte levels and activity without having to sip on a sports drink full of artificial preservatives, dyes, and sugar. If you take a diuretic, you will notice that nothing seems to help a dehydration headache better than coconut water. It is even better than a banana because your body is able to quickly absorb 250mg of potassium out of every 100g consumed.

#3: Essential Oils

You’d be amazed at how effective essential oil therapy is after a workout. Peppermint has been shown to reduce muscle pain while simultaneously boosting energy levels. Eucalyptus is a wonderful anti-inflammatory substance that will help you remove the lactic acid after an intense workout. And although these are only aromas, anyone who has tried the therapy will tell you that they are potent elixirs of life. The Doterra CPTG essential oil formulas are also coveted by many athletes for their post-workout recovery benefits because they are specially formulated and certified for optimal results.

#4: Epsom Salts

Although it sounds like something that your grandmother would use to soak her aching tootsies at night, a full body bath in Epsom salts is exactly what you need if your workout was a little more intense than you’d imagined. The secret mechanism behind Epsom salts is the magnesium that relaxes muscles and helps to break down the lactic acids that make muscle movements so painful.

Hot baths and hot compresses have been used since ancient times to relieve pain. Nowadays, the hot and cold compress effect can be attained by simply cycling your shower from cold to hot.

#5: CBD Oil

Hemp extracts that contain high levels of CBD are making their way into all facets of the Holistic healthcare world. CBD is an excellent way to stimulate your immune system and to calm down those overactive neurons after a hard day at the gym. CBD can help to eliminate toxins from your body and relieve any muscle aches, inflammation, and pain, all while helping you sleep deeper at night. Because there are no negative side-effects at low therapeutic doses, it is an excellent alternative to burning up your liver with Ibuprofen.