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Chris Ryan is one of New York City's top personal trainers who recently starred in NBC's STRONG as one of the top ten trainers in America. He is a world famous fitness model, having graced the cover of Men's Fitness three times and regularly appears in the pages of Men's Health, Men's Fitness, GQ and Cosmopolitan, and works with top brands in fashion and fitness ranging from Ralph Lauren to Under Armour. He was also a Division I track and field athlete at the University of Florida. After his sophomore year and in the wake of an injury, Ryan transferred to Michigan State University and rebuilt himself with his own strength and conditioning program, which set the path for his true passion in life: helping people achieve the best version of themselves. Ryan and his wife, Denise, have a son, Achilles and a daughter, Athena.
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Chris did the impossible - he made my body look and function better right away, all through workouts that were fun, engaging, and just plain awesome.  A miracle worker!

-Frankie L., Client

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Is the program refundable? 

  • No. All purchases of the PJF System Vertical Jump & Explosiveness program are non-refundable.

Is your program a digital DOWNLOAD or DVD? 

  • This program is 100% ONLINE, digital program. Just click the subscribe button and complete the checkout process.

Do I need equipment? 

  •  At the minimum, all you need is 6 cones, a bench, box or sturdy chair. 

While equipment isn’t required, there is equipment that I recommend for optimal results: 

  • Access to a standard weight room with barbells, dumbbells, 
  • Access to a pool with water about CHEST height when standing. 
  • Access to a hill, ideally at least 20 yards. The slope doesn’t need to be extreme but should provide an adequate challenge. 
  • Sand (beach, sand volleyball court, etc.) 
  • Resistance bands ( black 1-inch band works well) 
  • Mini band ( blue mini band works well) 
  • Foam roller, tennis or lacrosse ball, or rolling pin for self-massage. 
  • Plyo boxes or any sturdy box or bench to jump on.

Is this type of training dangerous? 

  • High-intensity exercise comes with inherent risks, but when performed correctly this PROGRAM is safe. It is important you have the ability to watch the video, learn from the exercise demonstration and execute each exercise with good form. This program is NOT for people with injuries, illness or any disease that may hinder high-intensity exercise.

I can touch the rim right now but can’t dunk. Will this program get me dunking? 

  • Sounds like you need to gain about 4-5 inches to be able to dunk. 4-5 inch gain on this program is VERY attainable. Yes, this program should get you dunking if you stay consistent and make use of every aspect of the program. 

Can I do this program at the same time as another strength and conditioning program? 

  • As far as lower body and core you will want to strictly use this program. Mixing programs will lead to overtraining. You can, however, add upper body workouts and conditioning if you’re approaching the season.


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Join the DadBod 2.0 Group Today


Join Now

Join the DadBod 2.0 Group Today

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Exercise Videos
View exercise demonstration videos for all exercises within your workout.
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View logged activity, records, & progress photos on your own profile.
Performance and Tracking
View graphs analyzing your performance of exercises you have completed.
Never miss a workout with scheduled workouts.


 It’s no secret that when you lose muscle and gain fat you also lose testosterone and gain estrogen.  As we age, our metabolism slows and accelerates this process.  This hormone imbalance causes many issues that you can see and feel.  But who cares about the science behind it, right?  Well, I do and that’s why I’ve spent years creating a program specifically designed to turn this hormonal imbalance around.  Simply put, the DadBod 2.0 group is going to make you feel and act more like a man.

Look at yourself in the mirror. How do you look? More importantly, how do you FEEL?

Sometime ago society started labeling the "dadbod" as the new average. If it's good for Leonardo DiCaprio it's good for you.  NOT TRUE. 

Every workout is as simple as it is effective. Quick. Intense. Manageable.  It’s real.  It’s gritty. And most importantly, it’s proven to help real guys like you feel and look stronger.  You’ll be pumped physically and more importantly, mentally. And I’ll make damn sure to hold you accountable each step of the way.

I’m pumped for you!  Join the DadBod 2.0 group now and get access to my training plans, tips from me, exclusive content, a meal plan and more!

What clients have to say about training with Chris

I am a Plastic Surgeon specializing in body contouring and weight loss. Chris is an integral part of my patients' care. His bespoke maintain-and-condition exercises enhance my patients' aesthetic results and improve their overall health. I recommend him to all my patients interested in transforming their bodies

- Ulysses H. Scarpidis, 
MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
I initially started working with Chris to lose some weight and to get in shape. I quickly realized that not only was Chris helping me achieve my training goals, but he was also providing motivation and guidance for a balanced, healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally.
Dan A., Client

The dadbod is an epidemic fellas. I’m not saying you need a ripped six pack and pecs of steel (that would be awesome though) but I am saying you owe it to yourself, hell you owe it to your family to look and feel like the best version of yourself!  

The DadBod 2.0 group is designed to help guys be the best version of themselves. No gimmicks. No fad diets. No two-hour long workout sessions or training 7 days a week.  You have a life, I get it.  It only requires 3 days a week of training, with an optional 4th day for the fire breathers (or for when you just need a little more "me" time).

DadBod 2.0 training for $49/month

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The DadBod 2.0 was created after spending years helping guys look and feel stronger. Whether you’re trying to lose your dadbod or want to get as far from it as possible, DadBod 2.0 is designed and proven to make it happen.  I use a variation of training that targets key muscle groups to make sure you’re quickly shedding fat and adding muscle.


Over the past four years working on Chris' program, I've experienced a physical and mental transformation in how I've approached my personal health and working out.  I'm stronger now at the age of 38 than I was in college.

-Steve K., Client