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This One Change to your Daily Commute Could Drastically Improve your Fitness

Every day 128 million Americans will take the arduous commute to work. For the 86% Americans who drive in to work each day it’s an average 26 minute journey. It’s an inevitable part of your daily routine filled with traffic, congestion and unnecessary stress. Long commutes are proven to have a negative effect on productivity and general mental wellbeing.

Now try to add half an hour of exercise in to your daily routine, where does it all fit in? Thankfully, there is a solution that simultaneously combats both problems. Cycling is a great form of exercise; it gets you outdoors, does wonders for your heart and exercise in general has a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing,making you a more productive employee.


Peddle Power

As a bike combines a mode of transport with a form of exercise, you can count time-saving as one of the primary benefits. It may increase your commute by some minutes, but saves you on the combined time of travel and exercise if you did them both separately. For beginners,those who are new to road cycling, or those covering longer distances you could consider an electric bike as a substitute for your daily commute. The versatility of a bike means that you can control the level of intensity so that you can get as much or as little exercise as you want, so should you need a bit of a break you can turn up the power.

As an exercise option, cycling is relatively low-impact so it is a lot easier on your joints than running whilst delivering the same cardiovascular benefits. Biking to and from work saves you money; on gas, on car maintenance and fees, and bikes are significantly cheaper to run and maintain. You can add an eco-friendly badge to the list, as cycling is by far more environmentally friendly than running a car.

Physical Benefits

Now, there are some additional perks you can enjoy. Seeing as you will be burning somewhere between 200-500 extra calories each day, physically you will notice the difference as cycling promotes weight loss and burns fat. Your muscles will strengthen and tone, in particular your glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads.

Riding for 30 minutes each day does wonders for your health. It can strengthen your immune system, keeping nasty colds and germs at bay, and as a result of increased heart rate and circulation you can help prevent a whole series of health issues. It also makes you feel good; not only will you avoid stressful congestion, but the large dose of dopamine – the happy hormone – your body delivers after a bike ride will keep you smiling for hours, and buzzing for the ride home.

The decision to make the change may seem daunting, but the sooner you make the change the sooner you will be reaping the rewards. You will see significant changes in your physical fitness, in your general wellbeing and your boss and colleagues will certainly be able to tell the difference thanks to your increased performance at work too.