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10 Must-Have Hygiene Habits in Your Daily Routine

Maintaining proper hygiene is a vital habit that you must perform daily. Most of you have been taught the essentials by your parents while growing up.

As there are no specific classrooms that teach you how to maintain proper hygiene, some people still carry some gaps regarding this issue all the way to their adulthood.

So, let’s discuss a few habits that you can follow on a daily basis to fill in some of these gaps.

1. Shower Every day

Men get dirty then women, it’s in their nature. That’s why it’s best to shower every day. Make sure you use soap and scrub your whole body, especially joints and folds. If you hit the gym, then I recommend showering more than once.

You can skip shampooing your hair every day, making it an every other day habit. Sprinkling baby powder around the roots is sure to take care of any greasy spots you may develop in your hair.

2. Use Honey To Wash Your Face

Many of you have skin that is extra sensitive while some of you are looking to reduce your cost of buying facial cleansers. For them and also those of you looking for an organic face wash, the best answer can be honey.

You can go to your local whole foods co-op and get the raw honey, be sure to avoid commercial honey, as it is way too processed to come of any good.

Honey is a natural exfoliant that also has natural antibacterial qualities and is known to not leave behind any oily residue. While in the shower you can wet your face and massage the honey onto your face.

Leave it there for a few minutes while you wash other body parts. Before getting out of the shower rinse the honey off well.

3. Wash Your Feet

Many of you believe just hopping into the shower and soaking the feet in soapy water is enough to clean it, well you’re wrong. You actually need to clean the bottom of your feet and toes by scrubbing them with a washcloth/scrubber.

This way you will be able to get rid of unseen issues such as foot fungus, dirt and other bacteria or germs lodged in your feet.

4. Take a Cold Blast Before Leaving the Shower

You can take a full cold douse just before you leave the shower. This has a lot of benefits mainly for your skin and hair.

Particularly in the summertime taking a cold blast right before you get off the shower stops you from sweating and getting all stinky immediately afterward.

5. Keep Your Hand Cool

No one likes the feel of a sweaty and wet handshake. Many people take it as very unhygienic, while it makes an impression of you being nervous and dishonest.

The best way to remedy this would be washing your hand with cold water before you head to a meeting or a social gathering where you would need to shake hands a lot.

In case that doesn’t work ask your doctor to prescribe you an antiperspirant. It’s strong enough to do the trick just by using it once a week.   

6. Use Baby Wipes To Clean Down South

Staying clean down inside your boxers is just about as important as any of the exposed body parts.

So, start using a baby wipes as a final way to clean up after you have wiped using normal toilet paper. This works well just due to the added moisture it contains making it just that much easier to clean any residue.

7. Use Perfume/ Cologne

How you would like to smell is completely a personal preference, but who doesn’t want to smell nice right? According to, the trick is to know just how much perfume or cologne you need to try on without it putting others off.

A nice smell is sometimes enough to make you feel confident, feel comfortable and even attract members of the opposite sex! However, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

8. Good Oral Hygiene


Getting a good quality electric toothbrush goes a long way in ensuring you don’t have a foul-smelling mouth. There are toothbrushes that have timers fitted, guaranteeing that you spend the right amount of time cleaning your mouth.

Remember, a nice smile and a fresh breath is enough for a great start!


Flossing on a regular basis will ensure that your breath remains fresh and your gum diseases are prevented. It’s best to avoid disposable flossers as they are more expensive and increase your garbage.

Try using an inexpensive floss holder that is reusable. They are cheap and you can keep refilling them with normal floss.

Scrubbing Your Tongue

You will need to scrub your tongue well while you brush as tongue buildup is one of the primary causes of bad breath. And it looks disgusting too.

For best results, you can brush from side to side instead of back and forth. You can even use a tongue scraper recommended by your dentist or a piece of floss to scrape clean your tongue.

9. Change Your Sheets Weekly

Tossing on a clean bed sheet and pillow covers once every week is the smart thing to do if you are on the lookout to reduce acne. Acne on your back and on exposed parts of your skin is caused mostly by sleeping on dirty sheets.

The dirt and grime on your bed sheet and pillow cover transfers to your face causing skin breakouts. Especially if you are sharing your bed. So swap on fresh sheets every week for a clean and hygienic slumber.

10. Pluck Your Brows

For those of you who prefer clean and separated brows, plucking is the best option. A pair of laser cut tweezers will do the job making it last longer and it essentially helps you avoid the risk of getting a nasty cut on the middle of your forehead.


We all have unique body types that work differently. Some of you may sweat more while some of you may have more sensitive skin and oilier hair.

So, find out what hygiene tips work best for you by exploring the tips mentioned above in this article and using them daily to be cleaner and hygienic.   

Author Bio:

Angie Grey, an expert author from brings you all you need to know about fashion and grooming. She loves the outdoors and travels the world like a nomad.