Methods For Getting Fit As A College Student

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Methods For Getting Fit As A College Student

Methods For Getting Fit As A College Student

College is a fun time in life. A time when you are encouraged to take the reins of your own life and find ways to grow and embrace your interests and passions. As the first moment of true independence for most people, it’s unsurprising that, without the watchful eyes of Mom and Dad, some bad or unhealthy habits can set in. A lack of discipline in college can lead to some pretty unhealthy lifestyle choices, many of which directly affect fitness. If being fit is important to you, either for sports or just for general life and health reasons, then you need to make some concerted effort to counteract the temptations and difficulties that college life presents. So, without further ado, let’s look at some tips for getting fit in college.

Don’t Be Unrealistic

Total puritanical attitudes towards food consumption and exercise regimes isn’t practical in college, save for a very, very select few. If you are a college athlete, then perhaps you might have the support network around you and the all-consuming lifestyle that allows you to reach peak physical form. Beyond that, you want to recognize that health is more important that how defined your muscles are, or how restrictive your diet. If you are vigilant you can do a pretty good job, but in general, go easy on yourself a bit. It’s college, it will always be a difficult time.

Walk/Cycle Everywhere

College campuses vary in size but most of them are large enough that you will really feel the benefits of choosing to power your own journey between classes and dorms, rather than using the college shuttle service. This is one thing college can offer you exercise wise, it is a place where, if you make a conscious choice to, you can find quite unexpected opportunities to get in some good, time convenient exercise.

Put Some Gym Clothes In Your Backpack

College is a spontaneous time. One minute you’re in class, the next minute you’re at an a capella concert. You need to be able to use that spontaneity, the way in which gaps in your schedule suddenly appear, to your advantage. By putting some gym clothes in your work backpack when that class gets cancelled, or that party falls through, you can capitalize on the free time by getting in a quick workout.

Go Easy On The Drinking

Ok, I’m not going to say not to drink. It’s an integral part of the average college experience. However, over-consumption of alcohol can be really damaging, in a whole range of ways. “Alcohol, apart from being damaging to your liver and all sorts of other organs in excess, is highly calorific, some forms of alcohol particularly so. College encourages a very unhealthy approach to alcohol, usually dictating that if you drink any you must be drinking in excess”, says Milosz Strong, fitness expert at Academic Writing Service and State Of Writing. So, go easy. Your fitness, amongst other things, is at stake.

Approach Dining Hall Food With Caution

The all you can eat nature of dining halls can be a problem or a blessing. On the one hand, you are in a position where you might over-indulge simply because you can. On the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to really fill up fully with healthy food, eliminating the need for any over-indulgence at the donut study break later that night. So, fill up, but make it healthy foods, lay off the pizza.

Buddy Up

College is a time to develop friendships. Everyone at some point at college worries about how healthy or unhealthy they’re being. Find a friend with the same concerns as you to support eachother through the difficulties. “Going about a health routine with a friend is a great strategy, particularly in college when you could do with some support in turning down that second beer or that free pizza”, says Ella Kellett, health writer at AustralianHelp and PaperFellows.


At the end of the day, staying fit in college is a challenge, but one which you need to take on with a relaxed sense of creativity. If you can be a bit flexible and intelligent, then you can make opportunities to combat the natural unhealthiness which college presents.

Chloe Bennet is an educator at UK Essay Service and Boom Essays portals. She helps with educational content and reviews incoming blog submissions. Chloe teaches grammar at Essay Roo website.