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Men’s Fitness Magazine August 2016 issue

Men’s Fitness is constantly bringing amazing content to not only educate, but also challenge the health and fitness industry. “How the Keto Diet Changes Everything,” by Tyler Graham was an awesome article about the benefits of the high fat ketogenic diet. Yes, that’s right. Eat fat, get ripped!

I am always proud to be featured in Men’s Fitness, but especially so in awesome articles like this as well as the accompanying “Low Carb Keto Cures” by Joy Ronson.

The Ketogenic diet is not for everyone; holding yourself to less than 50g of carbs and 65%+ of your nutrition from fat is actually very difficult for most everyday people.

Thankfully, there are exogenous ketones available now by clicking here that allow you to get into a state of ketosis within an hour. In doing so, you can avoid the dreaded keto flu, which is one of the major “walls” people hit in the first couple weeks when going from a carb rich diet to a fat rich diet.

Don’t wait any longer to optimize your performance. It’s time to utilize fat for fuel!