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Making Your Home Gym’s Environment Perfect For Any Workout

More and more Americans are ditching their gym bags and working out at home instead. Exercising at home offers privacy, convenience, and no monthly fees, but it’s essential to get environmental conditions just right for a perfect workout. Factor in how things like the temperature and humidity of your home can affect your workouts and take preventative measures to stay safe, healthy, and ensure you can push yourself every time. 

Banish mold to avoid exercise intolerance 

Indoor mold can cause significant health problems, including coughing, wheezing, itchy eyes, throat pain, and even exercise intolerance. Exercise intolerance is not being able to stay active for a reasonable duration, even in people who have been used to doing regular exercise previously. Symptoms include rapid or shallow breathing, severe fatigue, muscle weakness, acute pain, and an abnormally fast heart rate.

This is all caused by toxic mold spores in the air making it difficult to breathe, resulting in less oxygen in your bloodstream and lungs. Oxygen during workouts is essential to be able to push the limits, which is why this is such a problem. The best thing to do is prevent mold building up in your home and to remove any existing mold to improve your indoor air quality. This can be done by using a dehumidifier, introducing houseplants, and regularly cleaning any patches of mold before they spread.

Install air conditioning to avoid heatstroke

Exercising in hot weather puts extra stress on your body’s systems, which makes it harder to work out for the same length and intensity that you would normally. For anyone serious about their exercise regimes, this can be a big problem and result in a lot of lost time where you’ve not been able to push yourself to see any progress.

This is why it’s so important to have air conditioning in your home gym, otherwise, there’s a real risk of your core body temperature getting too high, from the air temperature, humidity, and the exercise itself. In high temperatures, your body will send more blood to your skin, leaving less for muscles and increasing your heart rate. This can cause anything from cramps to heatstroke, so needs to be taken seriously. Ideally, aim to keep your home gym at around 65F.

Control humidity for maximum comfort

Using a dehumidifier will help to remove excess moisture from the air so that you can breathe comfortably and any gym equipment will operate properly. If your home gym is in a basement or garage where moisture levels tend to be higher, a crawlspace dehumidifier may be needed. Air humidity should be around 55% but can vary from 40% to 60% depending on the weather. Anything over 60% can result in those nasty mold spores developing. Plants can also help with humidity levels as they absorb moisture through their leaves and they’re also a great way to add a decorative touch to a home gym. 

Keep your home’s humidity, temperature, and air quality at perfect levels for a great workout every time that will keep you safe and enable you to push yourself and reach your fitness goals.