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Liven up Your At-Home Workout Routine

Getting yourself off of the couch and to the gym can be really hard. One way to ease the burden is to develop a work out routine at home. You won’t have to worry about looking good or comparing yourself to others. You will also have the opportunity to experiment with alternative methods for working up a sweat.

Use a Vehicle

Vehicles don’t get tired, so they might be one of the most relentless personal trainers you’ve ever had. The motivation of trailing behind anew truck or a golf cart can get you running farther and faster, especially if someone is on the back goading you on. This is best in rural areas or lightly traveled back roads, so you don’t hold up traffic. Riding along is an even better tactic for competitive bikers, as the person inside can be responsible for time and water. It might even make you feel like you are doing the Tour de France. If you aren’t into endurance training, you could probably think up unique exercises using your truck as if it were gym equipment. For example, jumping in and out of the bed instead of jumping onto a step.

Incorporate Chores

Some people don’t exercise because they simply don’t have time. It may help to motivate you if you can check things off of your to-do list while you are working out. That way you won’t feel like you are wasting time. Chores like yard work, laundry or mopping the floorsintegrate easily into a workout routine. Especially if your laundry is on another floor, you could make yourself go up and down the stairs three times instead of one each time you need to ascend or descend. Yard work can be an obvious arm and back strengthener. No matter what you are doing, just be sure to add more repetition and structure than how you would normally complete these tasks, and wear comfortable clothes.

Make It Tourism

Especially if running, jogging or walking is your main form of exercise, you may feel more excited about putting your shoes on if you have a cool place to go to, instead of aimlessly running in circles. If you live in a city you can pick tourist spots or fun eateries, if you live in the country you can pick beautiful natural landmarks and hiking trails. Those who are comfortable enoughgoing off trail could potentially make this an exploratory or personal mapping expedition. It’s a good way to see places you probably wouldn’t bother to travel to otherwise and you won’t have to worry about parking. This will also give you lots of good photo ops for your social media page. Turn your workout routine into a tourist’s dream.

Invite Your Friends

Just like putting together a book club, you canput together a group of friends and acquaintances who get together regularly to get swole. That way you can motivate each other to get moving. The feeling of camaraderie can take the sting out of physical exertion, and working out with others can also help to hold you accountable. Feel free to laugh at each other’s mistakes and cheer on all of the milestones achieved. Choose a different location or type of exercise each time, or come up with silly exercises together. It might be a good idea to tack on a reward at the end of each session, like a trip to the ice cream shop or a bar. Everyone else in the neighborhood will want to join in on the fun.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get creative with your reps and laps. Before you know it, you may be coming up with the latest exercise craze and gaining fame on YouTube. All it takes is a little ingenuity!