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The Kaizen Fitness Method: Combat the Procrastinator in You

I am contacted by a lot of fitness professionals who are making their way in the health and fitness industry. Recently, I was contacted by Paul VanDyken of who wanted to write an article on the Kaizen method, or continuous improvement, and how it relates to fitness. I was impressed enough with his article to share it on my site and wanted to thank Paul for his efforts. Good luck in the future Paul and keep up the great work!

What is Kaizen and the Kaizen Fitness Method?

by Paul VanDyken (bio at end of script)
The Kaizen Fitness Method is a revolutionary program that a lot of people are embracing. Kaizen is a Japanese term which means improvement, advancement, changing for the better, or progress. It is a philosophy or a set of practices that focuses on constantly improving processes.
The Kaizen approach is frequently applied in business. However, Tee Major Fitness applies it to fitness. Tee Major’s Kaizen Fitness Method seeks to have you exert effort to persistently enhance all functions, as well as get rid of waste, in order to achieve self-improvement, particularly in the area of fitness.
Individuals who try to take on a fitness program are often overwhelmed by large ambitious goals like strength gains and weight loss. Intimidated by the sheer ambition of weight-loss goals, they are likely to put off actually doing things that will lead them to achieve their goals. Even if they start a program, they are likely to feel snowed under by imagined difficulties and fall off the program.
Tee Major’s Kaizen Fitness Program goes around this obstacle. Using a more realistic and humanized approach, it takes human nature into account. It breaks down a huge ambitious objective into smaller, more achievable goals, focusing on making tiny, systematic improvements in a constant and persistent manner. It also focuses on figuring out “muri” or wasteful, unnecessary movements and eliminating them to make your efforts more productive and efficient.
Kaizen is a daily, constant, and regular activity. It is a philosophy that you can apply in all aspects of your daily life including work, business, and sports, as well as in more specific objectives like fitness and weight loss.
Who is Tee Major?
Tee is a professional coach/mentor for Worldwide Bodyweight. He is a Group X Instructor with ACE certification. Wishing to help people achieve their fitness, strength training, and weight-loss goals, he put up Tee Major Fitness. The organization specializes in online fitness consultation, small group training, and personal coaching and training. His website,, is now enjoying a huge following of individuals looking for sensible, practical, and achievable ways to get fit and stay in shape.
Tee has been involved in organized sports for more than a decade now. He was given a football scholarship at Bryant University. He also modeled for top brands in fitness apparel, including Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma.
With his passion for conditioning, strength, and fitness, it was a natural move for Tee to join the fitness world. He became an MWR Manager and Personal Trainer in Iraq. He took an active role in Operation Iraqi Freedom, serving as Personal Trainer to the members of the United States Army.
Accomplish small, simple, and attainable goals with Kaizen Fitness Method
In December 2012, Tee’s video “44 Bodyweight Exercises” on YouTube went viral, getting more than 7 million hits. It triggered a passion for bodyweight exercise across the world.
Today, Tee Major’s Kaizen Fitness Program is provoking the same interest and excitement. In line with his objective of helping other people to achieve their fitness goals, Tee has come up with what he calls his “Kaizen philosophy” to help his “partners” (as he calls his clients) stay focused and eventually accomplish their fitness objectives.
He encourages others to break their grand fitness goals into smaller and more achievable daily targets. He says that when you do this, you are more likely to be in the moment and stay focused. Having grand goals is good but it tends to make you anxious. And being anxious tends to exhaust you, to drain you of the energy which is better spent in accomplishing smaller goals — goals which may look deceptively inconspicuous.

Accomplishing these “small” goals will lead you to reach your ultimate target before you know it.
Working on goals that you can have an immediate, direct impact on tends to energize you. It makes you eager to continue working on other similarly small goals — again and again. The continuous and persistent effort is the key to finally reaching your target.
Tee Major’s Fitness Method is designed to be a focused, intense, and unique experience for every individual who chooses to train. It aims to achieve a systematic and consistent improvement in power, strength, speed, reaction, and agility. It aims to enhance self-confidence and focus. It seeks to develop natural ability and functionality. It is directed towards helping you condition and strengthen not only your physical self; it aims to help you accomplish a superior sense of self as well.
Tee Major’s Fitness Method points out that you do not have to go the whole nine yards right now. You do not need to feel overwhelmed or to put things off. You can start right now. All you have to do is to take the first easy steps to accomplish small, simple, and attainable goals.


Author Bio:
Paul Vandyken is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. His personal website is His blog has articles, videos, and pictures with tips, tricks about fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. If you are on the journey to your healthy and happy lifestyle, visiting his blog may be worth a look or even help you enhance the process.