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Jonah Engler believes that taking care of your body and mind leads to your wellbeing and wellness

To take charge of your life and feel good about your choices, you cannot ignore wellness, which helps you stay energetic and make you feel better. Most importantly, by practicing wellness, your physical and mental health will improve as you gain a positive outlook and find more enjoyment from life. In the process, you can become a role model for your family and friends.  The practice of wellness begins by knowing how to keep yourself happy by adopting lifestyle changes, but it takes time for the changes to show up. For that matter, lifestyle changes are ongoing processes, and you must have the tenacity to stick to it without hurrying. It is essential to know what changes would work for you and help to achieve your wellness goals.

Start with aiming for small goals that are easy to incorporate in your life that you should be able to control. According to Jonah Engler, wellness and fitness involve making healthy choices about exercise, diet, and staying positive, which is the best investment in your life. Try to attain the best health in all areas of your life by making healthy and mindful choices.

Proper diet and nutrition suggested by Jonah Engler

Health should always be on your mind when choosing food for yourself and your family, but this does not mean that you must sacrifice the delightful elements of your culinary experience. Eating at home is a healthy practice, and you need not work too hard for it except for controlling the greed that drags you towards unhealthy eating. Keep healthy snacks on hand so that kids can make good choices. Have enough offerings of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and fewer options for sweets and chips. Practice eating only when hungry and not because just you are feeling like eating, which is nothing but craving for food. Have proper breakfast to start the day just in the way you would tank up for a long drive. Breakfast provides the fuel for an active lifestyle, which increases the ability to think faster and clearly.

Regardless of the food choice, please pay attention to its nutritional value and balance it well with enjoyment. Enjoy all foods from the crucial groups to ensure wholesome nutrition from lean sources of protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy.  Be comfortable after having your food instead of feeling too full and prefer moderation when consuming less nutritious food. 


Maintaining an active lifestyle promotes good health and prevents serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Consult your doctor before increasing your activity level. Your body weight depends on the amount of energy intake and the amount of energy you consume, which is why the right food and physical activities that help burn calories are so important.  To maintain proper body weight, you must keep the right balance of energy in the body by exercising regularly. Every step you take helps to manage your weight and improve overall health. You can use an activity tracker or pedometer o that you can find encouragement to increase the level of daily activity to achieve the level of10,000 steps a day, which is a benchmark for healthy living.  

Other ways of increasing your activities include washing your car, gardening, taking part in sports, going for bike rides, walking in the park or swimming, and walking to places you would otherwise reach by a vehicle like going to school or office. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk around a little during lunch, and do so between breaks and even go hiking.

Positive attitude

To lead a healthy life, it is critical to have a positive attitude about life that motivates you to work for the betterment of your physical and mental health. When you stay positive, it becomes easy to make healthy food decisions so that you can stay at the top of your health. Positivity originates from your life choices, and you must always focus on doing things that you enjoy most. Let not others interfere in what you do because they might believe in different things, but you should rely on what your mind says. Whatever you do, add an element of fun so that it remains interesting. Try different things like yoga, dancing, swimming, biking, tennis, and team sports to concentrate on those that interest you most.

Schedule your activities and stick to it but at the same time be flexible and ready to accept any exceptions because, despite your best efforts and intention, there will be some lapses which are only part of life. Choose your friends wisely so that you can avoid people who exude negativity and stay in the company of people who think like you and generate positive vibes.

Going for vacations will refresh and recharge your mind and do not lose any opportunity to break from work and the monotony of daily life that will inject positivity into your mind. You will feel healthy and happy after returning from vacation, whether it is a long or short one.

Take care of your emotional health

In addition to physical health, take care of your emotional health for you and your family. Set examples of healthy eating, exercising, and engaging in other physical activities but do not miss any opportunity of fun time with family that enhances emotional health. Staying cheerful generates positivity, which brings more happiness. Reading books and volunteering to help others create a feeling of goodness that improves your emotional outlook. Involve your family in your endeavor of making healthy choices and see how the feeling of goodness touches everyone. 

Beware of stress build-up that can harm your health and wellness goals because stress is a silent killer. Whenever you feel stressed out, this can happen with anyone, act quickly to get the better of it before it can get the better of you. Stress management is critical to maintaining a healthy life, which leads to overall wellbeing and wellness that improves the quality of life by allowing you to enjoy your life and stay happy.