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Interview with Valentin Bosioc: fitness model, bodybuilder, personal trainer and a family man


The time is coming, when everyone is hitting the gym to get their summer bodies back again and starting to take care of their nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Valentin will tell us how all this looks from the perspective of a fitness trainer. In this interview, he talks about his calling, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and gives us a couple of tips.


  • For starters, tell us a little about yourself, how long have you been in this sphere and is this your dream job?

My name is Valentin Bosioc, I’m an international fitness model, sponsored athlete, certified personal trainer and nutritionist, Musclemania champion, online coach and Ninja Warrior semifinalist. At the moment I’m credited by influencer agencies the most followed Romanian athlete on Facebook. I’m also a Master Trainer at one of the biggest and best fitness schools in Romania. I’ve loved sports even since childhood. I started at 13 years and practiced many different sports, including MMA, Box, Rugby, Judo, Aikido, Bodybuilding. I’m in the industry for over 20 years now. Of course, it’s my dream job. I’m an educated engineer but loved fitness so it started as a hobby, a passion, a lifestyle and turned into a full time job.


  • How did you become interested in fitness? What led you to choose the online personal trainer’s profession?

As I mentioned, I loved everything about sports, and I got stuck at fitness because I consider it an art. I was training 1:1 VIPs in my country, I even ceated an original training concept for groups, but still, people all over the world need help, so I prepared an online trainer routine to help and to get my tips all over the world. Right now I do have an amazing blog an instagram community and also a really big Facebook fam with over 3.1M followers.


  • How do you manage to have a successful career and a happy family?

It’s all about love! Love what I do and love my family! I have an amazing wife and a beautiful princess, a 2.5YO daughter! And oh, also 2 cats :)). It’s simple: if you love everything about you, your fam and your life, you can do whatever it takes.


  • Why do people need a personal trainer? What is the advantage of this in relation to the classical stand-alone going to the gym?

Everybody needs to understand the importance of a personal trainer. They motivate you, make sure you achieve your goals, and mostly, they take care of your form, they teach you the proper way to perform different exercises. A good personal trainer will help you achieve your goals in a short time, without putting your health at any risk.


  • What is the average time you spend with a single client during training? What steps are you taking to make sure that he/she will continue with a healthy life after?

Well…usually the average time in a session is around 45 minutes and MAXIMUM 1H. We don’t need more! I have my own ways to make sure that people that work with me will change their lifes for ever, they will love the new life and will continue with a healthy life after. Actually, they will have a new lifestyle, a healthy and fit one.


  • In addition to removing excess pounds, what are the reasons people seek help from a personal trainer?

People seek help for different problems, not only excess pounds. Lots of them want to recover from some kind of injury, lots of them only want to change their life, and of course, there are some who want to compete and achieve their best form ever.


  • We know that the mental aspect of a healthy life is just as important as physical. In what way do you help people stay motivated and raise their morale?

As I told you, a good personal trainer really needs to know how to motivate their trainees. I have my own methods to make people want more and to keep their morale up.


  • How much time is needed for a healthy lifestyle and also for physical appearance?

There is a simple answer for this: a minimum of 3 months is needed just to start seeing changes. Then, a lifetime is needed to maintain those healthy changes :).


  • Since you’re a nutritionist, tell us just how important diet & nutrition are in helping you achieve your goals?

Nutrition is really important. You know, there is that saying “abs are made in the kitchen”..well it’s true. Nutrition is key. You need to have a balanced nutrition, to know what and how to eat, and of course when and how to cheat :). Training is 20%, recovery / rest is 30% and nutrition is 50%.


  • What’s your personal favorite exercise?

I have lots of favorites, but I could mention only a complete one: The Burpee


  • Outside of the athletic realm, what are some of the things you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I just need my family. That’s it. I try to spend as many time as possible with my girls!


  • Do you have any final tips for anyone who’s considering adding strength training to their routine?

Just keep on moving! It doesn’t matter after all what kind of sport you practice, but practice it! Keep it fit, keep it healthy! You know where to find me if you need any tips!