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Interesting Diet You Never Thought of

Some people who are naturally really skinny, tend to have a difficulty when trying to gain weight. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter who much they eat, they will remain skinny. This is because they were born with a fast metabolism that probably prevents them from gaining weight. It is healthy to have a fast metabolism, however, some men and women weight lift on purpose to gain some weight. Regardless if you want to lose or gain weight, it’s always important to do your research and talk to a nutritionist to see what the best option is.

People fail to realize that drastically changing your diet may affect the way you digest it because it’s something new to your body. So either way, always take precautions and make sure you stay consistent in your diet if you want it to work until you reach your goal. Keep track of your weight to make sure you’re not overdoing it. Ultimately, make sure it’s healthy and it’s not hurting your overall lifestyle. Some weight gainers are bad for your kidneys, so if you want to gain weight, try to do it naturally. There’s a downside to weight gainers just like there’s downsides to supplements used to lose weight. For example, fat burners could cause stomach ulcers. It’s important to find supplements like a thrive patch that uses safe ingredients to help with your fitness goals. 


Are you looking to put on a few pounds? Then this diet may be right for you! Gomad stands for ‘gallon of milk a day.’ The gomad diet is exactly that– drinking a gallon of milk a day. It is a natural, affordable way for people to reach their ultimate weight gain goal. The goal is rapid weight gain, so whole milk would be the way to go. You must drink the gallon of whole milk a day along with your regular diet. Also, just like consistency is key to any diet, it is as well for this one. Make sure to take the whole gallon every single day and don’t skip out on any of your other meals, you still need the extra calories, protein, and fats. Just to clarify, this diet is solely to gain weight. If you’re trying to lose weight, this is not the diet for you. This diet isn’t suitable for anyone with lactose-intolerance as well. Since the diet uses full-fat cow’s milk, the high protein, high calorie, and high fat intake causes rapid weight gain, which is the essential goal. You don’t need to do any measuring or calculate the calories, as this diet has been shown to be effective, while also eating your regular meals. 

A Gallon of Full-Fat Cow’s Milk Per Day

A gallon of full fat cow’s milk contains 2,560 calories, 128 grams of total fat, 208 grams of carbs, 192 grams of sugar, and 128 grams of protein. It has been studied that a person who follows their gomad diet correctly, could gain about 0.73 pounds per day. You may be wondering ‘why milk?’ Why not just eat a bunch of fast food? This is because whole milk contains a bunch of healthy compounds that help increase muscle development, improved immune system, and a lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular issues. So, instead of taking a bunch of unhealthy calories from McDonald’s or other unhealthy places, drinking whole milk is a much healthier alternative because it is natural. It sounds easy, but it’s not going to be easy drinking 16 cups of milk a day, or of any liquid rather. The diet will probably make you feel full or even bloated, but that’s normal because your body isn’t used to it and of course, it’s a lot of calories! You may also feel nauseated for the first week. Many people who want to gain weight fast end up substituting their water for milk. Also, you should already start the first servings in the morning.