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The Importance Of A Pre And Post Workout Skin Care Routine


One may think that it’s time-consuming enough to follow a curated day and nighttime skincare routine, and now you have to think about your pre- and post-workout one? Well, yes, it will take a little more time from your already busy schedule, but trust us, it is more than worth it. As healthy as exercising is for the skin – nothing gets rid of all the toxins like breaking a good sweat, that same sweat can cause damage to the skin if you just let it sit. Therefore, taking the time to pamper your skin a little more is a necessity, rather than a luxury.

With that in mind, we have created the most effective and time-saving steps, so you won’t lose a great deal of time on these additional steps, but will reap all the benefits.

Make it a no makeup day

If, on your way to the gym, you simply can’t help but wear a little foundation and mascara, we strongly suggest you take it off before you start your session. Trust us, you don’t need to look glamorous on the treadmill, but more important than that, you don’t want to put your skin through that suffering. You see, when sweat combines with a foundation, your pores are bound to become clogged and you run the risk of irritation and even major breakouts. Lugging around a bottle of micellar water in your gym bag is not ideal, so use your go-to makeup wipes and remove everything within a minute.

No hydration lost here

Given that you’re about to leave it all on the dancefloor – well, the gym floor, you need to make sure you’re getting the best hydration possible. You will lose a great deal of water, so for your skin to remain hydrated, resort to a trusty active hydration serum. Serums have the power to penetrate to the dermis (the second layer of skin) and make sure you’re thoroughly hydrated. They have a light consistency, but the powerful combo of glycerin and hyaluronic acid has the power to increase your skin’s moisture levels by 200 percent, it retains the moisture much longer and that is why it’s the perfect pre-workout skincare choice.

Added hydration

While the serum takes care of the dermis, the moisturizer is there to make sure the epidermis gets all the nourishment and hydration it needs. If exercising indoors, you can opt for a nourishing, yet light winter facial crème. If, on the other hand, you do your workout sessions outdoors, sun-protection is vital, so make sure you pick a moisturizer that contains a broad spectrum SPF. Okay, now you’re ready for a good workout. All you need is a great lip balm so your lips don’t dry and crack, and you’re good to go. P.S. Keep your water bottle near at all times, you know the importance of inner hydration already.

Important note: avoid touching your face during a workout at all costs. Your pores tend to open up as you sweat, and the equipment you touch is filled with bacteria, so keep those hands off the face. If you feel the sweat coming down it, just dab it with a clean towel and carry on.


If in a gym, it would be ideal if you had a shower, or at least a locker room with a sink. Your pre-workout skin prep was great, but now that you’re all sweaty and sticky, we need to add a few additional steps. This calls for a double cleanse – first with a wash suitable for your skin type, to remove the mixture of products and sweat, and then a toner, to restore balance and even out your skin tone. Now, again, lugging those bottles around can be pesky, so use the following hack. Either find these products in travel size packaging and keep them in your gym bag at all times, or save those little bottles of product samples you get when you purchase skincare and makeup and pour a sufficient amount in those. Packing skincare when going to the gym is similar to packing for a trip – you have to think small and effective.  

Easy breezy

Once you’re done with the double-cleanse, all you have to do is repeat your steps. Apply the same serum as, after a grueling workout, you’ll need all the moisture you can get, especially when facing the harsh fall and winter weather. Wait a minute for the skin to absorb the serum, apply your cream and your work is done. Now, if you have places to be, feel free to bust out your foundation, your favorite lipstick – but lip balm underneath. Curl those lashes, and even add a little blush if it’s important to you. If, on the other hand, you’re headed straight home, just let your skin breathe. This step will save you from having to remove your makeup all over again.  

Makeup wipes, a serum, a cream, toner, wash and lip balm – that’s not too heavy a burden and you have to admit, the steps aren’t as time-consuming as you thought. In return for your diligence, you will always walk out of the gym looking radiant, healthy and properly nourished. The time spent is a small price to pay for that.


  • Nice article to know lots of things on better skincare for the gym-goers. I am using pre workout serum before going to the gym. It keeps me fresh mainly from sweat and wrinkles formation. Now after reading this blog I came to know some other tips which I think I can able to follow. Thanks for the article.