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How to Workout As You Travel Internationally

Working out while you travel can pose as a struggle. The changes in the schedule, the jet lag, constant traveling, and the unstable schedule can make it hard to keep a routine that you can follow every single week. Working out as you travel is all about being smart, intuitive, and creative. These are some helpful tips to get you motivated and working out no matter where you are on the road.


Hiking is such a great way to do some sightseeing while also getting your steps in for the day. Hike the forests, woods, and other great landmarks and national parks of the places you’re visiting. Hiking allows you to take in the sights while getting that cardio in.


Yoga can be done anywhere and anytime you feel like it, bring your mat while you travel and you’re good to go. It’s such a great way to stretch, meditate, and find your center when you’re traveling and always on-the-go. After long flights and stressful travels, it’s nice to jump into your hotel and dive right in to a solid Yoga session. Yoga is also a freeform type of practice that allows you to change and modify sequences whenever you choose. Decide on a set of poses you want to do that you feel your body needs at the current moment.

Stair Climbing

The stair master is a great exercise at the gym, and you can easily use the hidden staircase in your hotels to get your cardio in for the day. Simply go into the stairs of your hotel and both walk or run up and down them. While this isn’t always the safest way to workout, it definitely is a unique and great way to get your steps in. It’s an easy way to workout and get that sweat going.

Hotel Gym

Nothing beats heading over to the gym. If you are staying at a nice hotel, it’s recommended to check out the gym because there usually is enough equipment in there to give yourself a nice workout before you head back home. Some hotel gyms can be either smaller in nature or big enough to handle dozens of people at once. Enjoy the atmosphere and take advantage of it either way.

Hotel Workout

A great hotel workout could involve bodyweight exercises like push ups, squats, burpees, and stretches. A combination of these exercises will open the door for you to stay fit and active. While it is nice to workout and have weights available to you, nothing is wrong with changing things up and giving your body a good pump through some bodyweight exercises and modifying a few things.

Protein Shakes

Depending on where you are traveling to, it’s always smart to invest in protein shakes where you are traveling to. Some people ask how long does it take to gain muscle, but the truth is that it’s vital to continue to drink protein shakes and workout so you can continue to bulk up. You should be continuous with your health and dietary habits even on vacation as you travel.

Make It A Constant Choice

No matter where it is that you are traveling to, you need to make your fitness a priority. You cannot skip workouts if you genuinely want to workout and gain strength. It’s vital that you find ways to supplement your workout long term. There are all kinds of people who slack during vacation, and it’s fine if you’re okay with taking a break. However, if you want consistent results, don’t be scared to put in the work during your vacations as you travel everywhere.

Working out as you travel can be tough to do. It can be stressful if you aren’t consistent and you are lacking in your results. By being proactive and working towards trying to fit in a workout during your traveling, you can still find the motivation to workout during this trip.