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How to Use an Electric Bike to Get Fit

When people talk about their passion for cycling, they often describe the exhilaration of feeling themselves fly downhill and zip past the trees. It’s fun to challenge yourself with a biking workout, but many people are limited when it comes to cycling.

Even though you’re mostly sitting on a bike, the act of pedaling puts pressure on your joints. It can cause people immense pain if they already have joint issues, limiting them to other forms of exercise.

If you wish you could jump on your bike and go for a ride, there’s good news. You can read on to learn how to use an electric bike to get fit. E-bikes allow you to push yourself to see what you can accomplish without hurting your body.

1. Get Your Heartrate Up

Many people believe if you ride an e-bike, you’re not cycling. Electric bikes have either a battery or motor to assist the rider. You could use it to get down the street without ever moving your pedals, thanks to a lever or button that activates the bike’s power source.

Technically, e-bikes are pedal-assisted, so you can start pedaling whenever you want. You don’t have to ride it like a scooter or car, which gives you plenty of opportunities to get your heart rate up. As long as your heart starts beating faster, you’ll get your blood flowing and enjoy all the benefits of traditional forms of exercise. 

2. Ride Every Day

Whether you only pedal occasionally on your e-bike or you rarely stop pedaling, you’re still getting active. If you exercise every day, you’ll experience long-lasting benefits that help you get in shape.

Bike rides with minimal pedaling still get your heart beating faster, which manages your body weight and lowers your cholesterol levels. Keep up that exercise every day and you’ll reduce your risk of diabetes and some cancers, as well as your blood pressure. 

Feeling better gives you more energy to get on your bike more often and complete harder workouts. Given time, you’ll become more fit with each passing ride.

3. Bike Your Favorite Trails

Another way to use your e-bike to get fit is to try it out on your favorite trails. An electric bike’s design holds up when you’re out in the rain or pedaling through puddles, so you can go out on a trail whenever you like. 

Don’t worry about the motor keeping you away from parks and public trails. The federal government classifies most electric bikes as non-motorized vehicles, as long as they use less than 750W of energy and can’t go faster than 20 miles per hour. 

As with any new kind of activity or equipment, remain aware of your surroundings and watch out for other bikers or pedestrians. You’ll stay safe while you get fit on challenging terrain that develops your endurance.

4. Breeze Through Recovery Days

Recovery days are crucial to include in your fitness routine. Your body needs time to rest and heal, so you get stronger after you recover. E-bikes provide a way to feel like you’re still moving even when you’re taking it easy after an intense ride. Use the motor to zip along the road and pedal lightly so you don’t exert yourself.

Giving your body the option to pedal less intensely but still get outside means you never have to sacrifice good biking weather again. Head outside whenever you want and use the electric bike’s motor or battery to help you through your ride when you need to give your body a break.

5. Try New Intensities Slowly

Traditional bikes may leave some riders thinking they’re stuck with rides of only certain intensities. It doesn’t do much to encourage building your endurance, but e-bikes allow you to do this at your own pace.

Try out new intensities by gradually increasing your pedaling and the difficulty of the terrain. You can always coast and use the motor to encourage the bike forward when you need a break. As time goes on, you’ll have a stronger sense of endurance and be able to use the bike more intensely.

Stick With a Plan

The only thing that will keep you from getting fit with an e-bike is if you don’t stick with your workout plan. Figure out what your routine will be and how you’ll use the bike. You can exercise on it the same way as a traditional bike, so nothing stops you from reaching your fitness goals.