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How To Speed Up Muscle Growth

A lot of people exercise to lose weight, but your goal might also be to speed up muscle growth. It’s a common target among impatient bodybuilders who want to see the results of training as soon as possible.

Although it’s not an easy task, it is doable if you follow a carefully-designed series of steps. We prepared for you a list of 13 tips on how to maximize muscle growth in record time, so keep reading to see how it’s done!

Use heavier weights

The first tip is a no-brainer. If you want to grow your muscles, you have to increase your max weights in the gym. It’s like trying to write a better custom essay – instead of hiring dissertation help experts, you need to practice and train your brain more severely every day. The same goes for bodybuilding – muscles need a serious challenge in order to pump up and the only solution is to make them work harder.

Make a plan

The fact that you should use heavier weights doesn’t mean you should go all-in immediately. On the contrary, you must make a plan of work and gradually increase your maxes. Most professionals would tell you to increase weights by 10% periodically, so try to stick to that rhythm in the long run.

Increase your training volume

Increasing your maximum weights is not enough as you also need to grow the volume of training. What does it mean? To put it simply, it means exercising at least five or even six days a week while increasing the numbers of reps and sets. The logic is simple – more training will overload your muscles and make them grow faster.

Decrease rest between sets

You’ve probably noticed that muscle growth is all about increasing the weight and volume, but there is one thing you ought to decrease and that it the rest between sets. Try to avoid the usual conversations in the gym or social media browsing by keeping your rest periods up to 90 seconds.

Diversify your workout gear

We all have our favorite tools and exercises, but muscle-growers have to treat all types of training equally. It means it’s important to diversify your workout gear and use all the available machines. That way, your muscles cannot adapt to a certain type of training and they will have to work very hard every set.

Slow down to speed up

Although it may sound counterintuitive, don’t forget to slow down your movement while exercising. A muscle has to feel the tension throughout, which means that you should keep it challenged longer by slowing down the speed of reps.

Lift weights slowly and keep them under control. If you don’t realize the purpose of this suggestion, just give it a try and you’ll see what we mean – every set of training will be harder and hence more productive.

Find a spotter to assist you

A student in need of quality essays will search for the best assignment writing service UK for help. The same goes for job seekers who look for top resume writing services. Following the same logic, a bodybuilder should always find a spotter to assist him when keeping weights to the maximum. Such a tactic enables you to give your best without worrying about safety.

Limit cardio activities

Cardio exercises are more than welcome in any training plan, but you don’t want to exaggerate if your goal is to stimulate muscle growth. The solution is to limit cardio activities to 20 or 30 minutes per training. Besides that, the intensity of cardio activities should be modest or even low to avoid burning too many calories.

Fuel for every workout

It’s time to dedicate a few chapters to nutrition. An hour or two before going to the gym, you need to eat a decent meal that allows you to achieve optimal performance at the right time. Most muscle-builders will take a combination of protein and carbohydrates, but you can experiment with other types of food if this doesn’t match your meal frequency and/or personal preferences.

Go heavy with nutrition

Apart from your pre-workout meal, you must go heavy with nutrition around the clock. Keep in mind that the body needs enough fuel to revitalize and adapt to the new training regime. If you don’t eat enough quality food, you won’t be able to grow muscles and you might even put your health in risk long-run.

Use supplements to stimulate muscle expansion

Guys who want to grow muscles super-fast need to go beyond everyday food and use supplements to speed up the process. We always encourage people to discuss this issue with a professional dietician in order to avoid illicit or unhealthy supplements.

Stay hydrated

Water usually gets neglected in the muscle growth story, but you should know that hydration makes one of the key elements of training nonetheless. First of all, you should stay hydrated during the workout and drink enough water as you sweat. Secondly, drink at least 2.5l of water every day to ensure sufficient hydration 24/7.

Sleep well and long enough

Most athletes love this tip because it’s the easiest one they can hear – sleep well and long enough to allow your body to recover properly. At least eight hours per night is a must for serious weightlifters. During this time, the body relaxes and generates growth hormone responsible for muscle growth.

Up to You!

Seeing your muscles grow month after month is a joyful experience, but it takes a lot of training and strategic planning to achieve this objective. In this post, we showed you 13 ways to speed up muscle growth. Now you know what it takes to maximize the effect of your bodybuilding exercise, so make sure to follow our tips and supersize your muscles in the weeks to come!