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How to Make Healthy Food Choices at Parties

Celebratory events often involve free-flowing drinks a wide selection of irresistible snacks, which can often derail even the healthiest of eating plans. But even though such events might present a challenge, you can easily stay healthy and fit by making a few simple decisions and changes in your habits.

Here are some tips that will help you stay in control of what you eat, so you can enjoy the party season to the fullest:

Don’t arrive to the party starving

While it’s perfectly fine to arrive at a party a bit peckish, since you know you are going to be eating, you never want to be so starving that you start eating everything you see. When we are hungry, we tend to make bad food choices, which is why it might be best to eat a snack before you go to a party. Even though it might seem counterintuitive, eating an apple or a small bowl of cereal before you leave will fill you up just enough so that you can still snack at the party, without the need to overindulge.

Avoid the constant temptation

If nibbles and snacks are constantly being offered to you while you’re chatting away at a party, there’s no need to grab a bite every time. Simply say “no, thank you” or even try to follow the “one in three” rule – accept a snack once every three times it’s offered to you. Since it’s very difficult to keep track of how much you are eating when you’re constantly nibbling, it’s always best to wait and have a healthier, more balanced meal once you get home.

Step away from unhealthy food

If you are most worried about overindulging and overeating, don’t let the buffet table bring you down. Simply look around to find the healthiest food options, put a few items on your plate, and then move away. As a general rule, the bigger choice of food on offer, the more calories we are likely to intake. So, instead of feeling the need to try a little bit of everything, limit yourself to three or four choices, and always pay attention when you eat them, in order to feel satisfied.

Contribute with healthy snack options

Whether you are throwing your own party or simply contributing to a buffet spread, do your best to choose healthy and nutritious bites. If you want to make the best food choices, opt for fresh and healthy ingredients, and consider hiring great catering companies that will construct the perfect menu filled with nourishing food options, from appetizers and hors d’oeuvres to finger food and delicious desserts. This way, both you and your guests will be certain you are eating the healthiest options, and you might even feel free to indulge.

Opt for fruit-based desserts

While chocolate and caramel might be tempting, so much sugar is never a good option, which is why you should choose fruit-based desserts whenever you can. As with any other snack, limit yourself to one to three pieces, depending on the size, put them on your plate and allow yourself to enjoy them, but don’t go back for seconds. If you still feel like you need something else, it’s better to have a cup of coffee or tea and sip it for the rest of the evening, instead of overindulging on sugary desserts.

Remember to stay hydrated

It can be very easy to lose track of your water intake when there’s endless soda and cocktail options on display, but getting dehydrated at a party won’t do you or your host any favors. So, apart from avoiding high-calorie beverages and limiting your alcohol intake, remember to stay hydrated by drinking a glass of water in between each beverage. It might also be a good idea to drink a glass of water before you go to the event, and even when you arrive, as not only will this keep you hydrated, but it also might fill you up, helping you eat less unhealthy food at the party.

While you should always allow yourself to enjoy the food and drinks, you don’t want to derail all of your healthy eating habits at one event, or even start creating ones that are bad for your overall well-being. So at your next party, enjoy yourself a lot, but indulge just a little.