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How to Look Perfect in Jeans – Tips and Tricks

If there’s anything that constitutes timeless, flattering, and versatile in fashion, that would be a pair of finely-tailored jeans. Ripped, bleached, textured, with or without glitz, high-waisted, low-cut, skinny, or baggy, you name them, we love them all. However, when you come across that dreamy denim garment, you want to make sure they fit your style, and more importantly, your physique. You want to feel comfortable as well as beautiful, and you’d like to make sure they will last you as long as possible.

With that in mind, you understand that choosing a fitting pair of jeans takes more than just a wallet and a keen eye for the latest trend. You need to earn your pair of jeans, and you need to make all those workouts count towards building a lean pair of legs and sculpted glutes so that you can truly relish in this particular item in your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at several key steps to keep in mind when prepping yourself for that next favorite pair in your look-book, from workout tips, all the way to style hacks!

Diversify your training with compound moves

First of all, you need to have a training plan to get your body on the right track to flaunt those jeans in no time. A routine will help you keep track of your goals, see which exercises feel best and which deliver the most desirable results for you. We are all different, and you need to tailor your plan according to your goals. If that means building lean legs and firm glutes, then your exercise selection will depend precisely on that goal. However, certain ground rules apply to all of us, and that includes choosing compound movements as the main component of your routine.

Why compound movements, you ask? Because they require your body to invest more energy, burn more fat, increase the mobility of your body, and they are very efficient since they activate your entire body instead of a single muscle group. For targeting your legs and glutes specifically while you burn more calories, use compound movements such as the squat, the deadlift, and lunges. You can add hip thrusts, Romanian deadlifts, and good-mornings as well, but make sure not to over-train your lower body!

Details that make your jeans “pop”

Now that you’ve infused your lifestyle with vigorous training to melt away that extra fat and build toned, slim legs, you can start adding details to your wardrobe that will improve your jeans-game. For example, high-waisted retro jeans go wonderfully well with crop tops and wedges, while adding a clean bottom-down is a perfect way to elevate any simple pair of jeans.

When you’re in the mood to wear ripped jeans for a more urban, rebellious look, you can easily add a touch of femininity with a pair of stylish high heels or a pastel-hued purse. Combine them with animal print for your top or an oversized sweater, and they’ll also suddenly give off a more sophisticated vibe. Above all, make sure you pick a cut that suits your figure, and a size that fits you well. 

Isolation work to target your glutes

Let’s go back to your routine for a moment. Now that you’ve mastered the big moves, you can enrich your training with some isolation work in a higher rep range so that you can sculpt your lower body to your liking. You’ll build lean muscle that will in turn increase your metabolism and help you burn the fat more efficiently from those extra difficult spots. 

For example, glute kickbacks are a wonderful choice, especially if you add some resistance with weights or a band. You can also use step-ups, different lunge variations (think: crossover lunges), and glute bridges, all of which will give your glutes a decent burn. That way, you’ll get a more rounded rear end, fill those jeans perfectly, and build that hourglass effect since plump glutes and strong legs help you lean down your waist and burn those love handles. Any pair of jeans, but especially high-waisted ones will bring out all that hard work! 

Learn about your body type

Even with a mighty workout routine up your sleeve, you cannot possibly ignore what makes you feel comfortable and what suits your body the most. That is why you should make sure you understand your body type and what sort of cuts and styles work best with your build. For example, high-waisted jeans are very flattering for the hourglass figure, while extra slim legs call for slim jeans to create more curves.

If you still have a long way to go before you build your booty, you should aim for trousers that have larger back pockets, giving your glutes a nice, round shape, and adding a bit of “visual volume” until you training efforts kick in. However, these general ideas are all relative, as you should put your comfort first and choose something that fits your style – it’s all about research and playing with your look. 

Looking good in jeans can be a challenging style endeavor, but with the right workout battle plan, and a good sense of style, you’ll find your perfect jeans in no time.