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How to Keep Your Kids Active

Active kids are happy kids. Easy ways to get your kids moving.

Keeping your kids active can be a big challenge for a parent. Young children are easily distracted by the TV. Middle age children can be obsessed with tablets and video games. And teens may be attached to their phones as if they were a lifeline. With childhood diabetes and obesity on the rise, activity is more important than ever for our children even as it becomes more difficult to keep them active. So how is a parent supposed to keep their kids active?

Get up and moving together

Children of all ages are more willing to participate in an activity if they are invited to join instead of being told what to do. Get up and moving together by playing an active game. Tag can be great for younger children. Try frisbee golf or skateboarding for older kids. If you have an active hobby that you already enjoy by yourself, perhaps it’s time to share that with your child. Teach your children the games you played as a child and enjoy passing the fun onto a new generation. You may be amazed at how much more interest they show when you are involved as opposed to when you just tell them to go outside and play.

Get outside!

Simply getting outside can lead to healthier activity. Away from the temptations on screens, kids are more willing to be active. Swimming in the summer with inground pools mobile; skiing in the winter; hiking, walking and biking all year round are all great ways to be active together outside.

Find something that interests them

Make sure you’re taking your child’s interests and temperament into account when you’re planning activities. A fearful, young child may not enjoy the perceived risk of riding a bike. A shy teenager might not want to join a large running club. Talk to your child and find out what activities they are interested in. Suggest some related activities that they may not have considered.

Use electronics to your benefit

App and software developers certainly have not missed the need for electronics that encourage movement and healthy activities. From step trackers to trail map apps to scavenger hunt augmented reality games, your phone could be the key to keeping your kids active. Even the most difficult to motivate child might gladly get up to go for a walk if there is the promise of catching a Pokemon or casting a wizard’s spell. Achievement-oriented kids can benefit from step and activity trackers which allow them to set and reach goals by walking a set amount of miles or exercising for a specific number of days each week. There are even fitness-oriented social media sites that allow friends to share their workouts and engage in friendly competitions. If you and your child are interested in a new activity, a quick search of YouTube can be an easy way to familiarize yourself with it.

Whether swimming, hiking, walking or skateboarding, the more activity your child incorporates into their lives, the healthier they will be. Try to set and maintain a good routine so that activity becomes part of the day rather than a chore to be scheduled. With consistency, activity becomes a seamless part of your family life.