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How to Improve Your Focus Through Exercise

When it comes to improving your productivity levels, improving your ability to focus is the best way to increase your efficiency. By boosting your ability to focus, you will be able to improve the efficiency with which you complete tasks and how well you do them. In addition to many of the standard tips given to help improve your focus, you can use exercise to give a jumpstart to your concentration levels. Check out these recommendations to help stimulate your mental focus by getting a good workout.

Weight Training

Incorporating weightlifting into your exercise routine will help round out the benefits that you receive from exercise. Engaging in strength training is said to help with memorization. If you have free weights available at home, take advantage of them and try to get in at least 20 minutes of weightlifting exercise intermittently throughout the week. You will receive even better benefits if you are able to make use of weight machines at a gym. To help improve your workout, research some of the best pre workout options to give yourself a boost in endurance and performance.

Aerobic Exercise

Different forms of aerobic exercise are often cited as some of the best ways to improve your concentration. Incorporate regular walking or running throughout your day to boost your performance on a daily basis. For those who are stuck in the office, consider taking a lap around your building during your lunch to get in an aerobic pick-me-up in the middle of your workday. Those who are early to rise may enjoy taking advantage of the morning solitude to get in a run before tackling the rest of their day.


In addition to helping increase your flexibility, many consider yoga to be a meditative exercise that helps hone an individual’s ability to focus and clear the mind. There are plenty of ways to incorporate yoga into your weekly exercise routine regardless of whether you have a gym membership or not. For those who like to customize the benefits they receive from their workouts, yoga has plenty of opportunities to focus on varying elements such as strength building and flexibility. Research the different styles of yoga to find one that suits your needs, whether you are in search of something that will help hone your spiritual and meditative focus or give you the opportunity to engage in something that’s high intensity.

15 Minute Boost

For those who don’t have time to get in a proper exercise session, look into small, quick workouts that can be completed almost anywhere. If you find yourself engaging in a lot of office work, there are plenty of desk exercises you can incorporate into your everyday routine to give yourself a little boost throughout the day. Wall push-ups are an easy way to get the blood pumping. Others may prefer jogging in place or knocking out a quick series or two of jumping jacks. If you don’t have the space and privacy to do more physically intensive quick workouts, consider walking a few laps around your office to get in a little physical activity to help invigorate your focus. If your building is several stories tall, you can ensure you are getting in some quick workouts by making it a habit to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Exercise Moderation

While incorporating regular exercise will help improve your focus throughout the day, getting too much exercise on a regular basis can actually make concentration more difficult. Make sure you moderate how much exercise you are getting both on a daily basis and throughout the week. Take time to allow your body time to heal and repair after vigorous exercise sessions, particularly those that involve intense and lengthy cardio workouts or heavy strength training sessions. To top things off, make sure you take care of your body throughout your workouts by getting proper nutrition, plenty of hydration and the appropriate amount of sleep.

By making exercise a part of your regular activities, you can boost your mental focus in no time.