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How to Get Your Workouts in as a Busy Parent

Oh parenting, the world’s greatest job and biggest life nightmare. Parenting is a full time job and requires so much work, love, and attention. You don’t get a break. It can be hard to be a parent and still incorporate “me time” into your schedule. Working out is so important for your mental and physical health that it needs to be a priority. With kids hanging on you every second, we have come up with some ideas on how to incorporate your workout into your daily life.

Workout at the park

Bringing your kids to the park is a hit. They are busy and entertained and you will have a little escape! Incorporating your workout into a park setting is much easier than you would think. Use the bench to do a set of tricep dips and a set of step ups. No equipment is necessary for squats and lunges which you can do right there. Get a little cardio in with a set of side jumps and jumping jacks. Repeat those sets of exercise three times while your kids are swinging and sliding and there you have your workout for the day!

Include your kids

Including your kids in your workout will make them excited and happy. Put a workout video on, set up mats for everyone, give everyone their own water bottle and sweat towels and tell them to go for it! It will be entertaining for you to watch them attempt the exercises. But then you’ll get your workout in while they are focused on doing their own thing. These workout videos can be very effective. There are many on youtube that are just 20 minutes and they highlight different areas of the body: abs, glutes, legs, arms.

Implement “personal time” into your routines

Often times you will have to figure out how to involve your kids in your workout or workout around their schedules, but sometimes you just need your own time. Explain to your kids that “personal time” is time that each of you needs to do something by themselves. They can read books, play alone with their toys, or just rest in their rooms. Tell them that your personal time will be working out, and you can have the living room. In your living room you can set aside your furniture and follow along to a good workout video, or start on a pre-planned home workout routine. Or, if your kids are old enough to stay home alone for a half hour or so you can get out of the house and go for a run. Running is good for your whole body and overall fitness. Having a wireless security cameras system is nice in this scenario because while you are on your run you can go on your phone and check in on the house and see what your kids are up to. You can run with a piece of mind that not only are your kids safe but they aren’t doing anything too crazy.

Get a gym pass with daycare

Investing in a gym membership may be the most convenient way to get your workouts in. Going to classes at the gym eliminates the effort of putting together your own routine. Gyms offer a variety of workout classes that will be beneficial. Maximizing on these workouts will come through switching the type of classes you do. Some are heavy on cardio like spinning or zumba. Others are more core intensive such as pilates or yoga. Then you have full body workouts. Make sure to be switching these up. Most gyms have free daycare that comes with the membership. This is nice because you have your own time to workout and your kids will be looked after and entertained, having fun with other kids.

Working out regularly will make you happier and healthier. You may think that as a parent you need to put your kids first and working out is not a priority. Yet, making your health a priority will make you a better parent. It will give you more energy and patience with your children. It will be so worth it in the end.