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How to Get Your Body Ready for Summer

As summer gets closer and we start getting out of our thick coats and layers of clothes, we become painfully aware that we might not be in the same shape as we were last year. So, we do what seems logical – we search the net for the latest diet craze, after which we run straight to the gym and exercise ruthlessly.

However, to keep the whole process efficient and healthy, you should be smart about how you approach it. Here are some ways to get your beach-body back and be in great shape when the summer finally arrives.

Adopt some good habits

The things you do every day can reflect on your body and your overall health, so reconsider your existing habits and think about how you can change some of them for the better. For instance, you can lose some of the weight you’ve gained during winter if you start using the stairs instead of the elevator. Also, instead of taking the bus to work, ride your bike, or at least get off the bus earlier, so that you can walk the remaining stop or two. If you’re a social drinker, try avoiding alcohol.

If you can’t or don’t want to, be smart about what drinks you choose. instead of drinking beer or ciders, which can be high in calories, opt for a glass of wine or some gin and tonic. Also, avoid putting too much sugar and thick cream into your coffee, since you’ll be doing yourself a favor by switching to the sugar-free version with some skimmed milk. Finally, activities like sitting in cafés or at the cinema can be replaced by going for walks or roller skating in the park, which are far healthier options.

Improve your diet

What you eat, how you combine different foods and when you have your meals can make a huge difference. If you want to become fitter before summer, there are certain food groups you should stay away from. For example, foods loaded with trans fats are something to avoid, as well as white sugar and anything with white flour. Also, try not to put too much salt in your food. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always a good idea, and you can combine them with foods containing proteins or fiber. Although you should try to keep your calorie count lower than usual, that’s definitely not all you should pay attention to.

The nutrients in your food are probably even more important. So, prepare healthy meals for yourself and always have some fruit or nuts for a snack, in case you get hungry. Also, when you don’t have time to cook, go online and order the best weight loss shakes in several flavors, based on either dairy or plant proteins. Choose the ones with natural ingredients for a snack or a healthy meal replacement. The key is not to skip meals and not to eat anything after 8 in the evening.

Be creative with your workout

Springtime is perfect for leaving your house and spending time outside, in the sun and the fresh air. So, instead of working out in the gym, consider finding exercises that you can do outside, which should add to your good mood. Walking, roller skating, cycling or jogging will help you lose any extra weight and will improve your overall health. You’ll probably feel less stressed and more cheerful as well. If at any point you get bored, try inviting one or several of your friends or family members to join you and make it more fun.

In case working out in the open isn’t something that would interest you, you can always find some other ways to practice. From pole dancing and Zumba to yoga classes, you can easily find a workout group you can join that would fit your needs and preferences. You shouldn’t even worry if you’re indecisive, since there’s no rule against choosing several types of exercise regimens and switching between them from time to time, as long as you’re physically active.

Don’t forget to hydrate

If there’s one thing that can influence your overall fitness, but also the health and the appearance of your skin, it’s hydration. It’s recommended to drink about eight glasses of water a day, so that you lose weight more easily, fight exhaustion and keep your skin moistened. In fact, you should start hydrating your skin from the inside as soon as possible, to prepare it for the blazing heat of summer months, when you change into your bikini and spend hours at a time at the beach.

The best thing you can do is stick to water, but adding some lemon or other citruses for flavor won’t hurt you either. You can also make some green tea without sugar, since it can help you detoxify your organism. On the other hand, things like alcohol, coffee, sodas and other sugary drinks can slow down your metabolism and do more harm to your body than good, so keep them at bay.

This year, instead of focusing on losing as much weight as you can at all cost, try to lose as much as you can while staying healthy. Only when you shape your body in a smart and healthy way will it keep its good form longer, so make smart choices and start doing it today.