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How to Get More Out of Your Daily Workout

Exercise and Eating right Equals long life

In this day and age, it has been said and noted that eating right mixed with exercise might save your health and your life. Even though everyone has their own regimen about what health diet or exercise routine to use. It all depends on what works for you.

Plan for your Health

When you know what your expectation is then you know which route to go. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain weight or just tone up. In order to begin, it’s best to set up a plan that fits your needs. Find out your height and weight and body mass. That means going to the doctor for a well check-up. If you’re planning to lose weight. Map out what the workout will look like. Post-it to your wall or refrigerator for motivation.

Say no to breads and sweets for a while and exercise four times a week for 1 hour. If you plan to gain weight. Get on a protein plan that includes a protein shake that adds muscle. Eat hard boiled eggs and peanut butter on wheat bread. Build muscle mass by lifting weights. The same is for toning. Build muscle mass while shaping your body. Drink lots of water.

Intermittent Fasting

When most people hear fasting, they think “oh wow I can’t eat”, or “I don’t know how to fast”. I’ve never done it before. You may even hear someone ask, “what is intermittent fasting?” Intermittent fasting is more about an eating pattern more than it is about what foods to eat. It focuses on when you should eat. In this respect, it’s not a diet in that sense but more described as an eating pattern. Make a habit out of doing it.

It’s not just for eating patterns but used for other reasons. Fasting is also used in the spiritual sense. It’s also used for hospital procedures. Fast before giving blood or fast before having a surgical procedure.

Working out for your Health

Exercise  improve your health, strengthens the heart and improves circulation. It doesn’t hurt to workout every day. Even if its just to walk a mile a day. Or lift weights for 1 hour a day.

These are some benefits of working out for your health:

• It increases energy levels

• It can help with skin health

• It helps with weight loss

• It’s good for muscles and bones

It can usually take four to six weeks to see results. The first two to three weeks there’s generally a lot of soreness for a few days after a workout. So, it’s not a good idea to rush the process.

Meal Prep

It’s easier to buy processed food but for your health, meal prep is well worth it. Starting meal prep at the beginning of the week and sticking to the plan reaps rewards. Meal prep has its benefits that help improve your digestion. It keeps from buying fast food and keeps your digestive system healthy.

What it does is cause you to pay and choose your food wisely. You prep healthy foods not burgers and fries or greasy food. This helps you learn how digestion works or help you become consistent and intentional about your eating habits. Because your food is prepped for the week, you now have time to workout and exercise as planned. Unhealthy digestive tract is linked to certain health problems.

When all else fails remember to change your mind about how you think about food. Don’t ever compare your process to the person next to you. Everyone’s walk or run is different.