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How to get Killer Thighs

In the summer the legs are the focal point for most people. This is because this is the prime time that people wear shorts out for everyone to see them.  When having your legs shown to the public you want to make are that you are confident and that your legs look amazing. The biggest part of your legs are your thighs and most people want to have sizeable thighs. There are some things that you can do to help you achieve these killer thighs that you desire and you do not need a gym membership for off of these different exercises. The main thing you will need is to stay focused and consistent when trying to achieve this.


Most of the time when people run they do long distance, but long distance is not how to get those killer thighs. The secret is to run sprints. Distance running is to help lean the body out. If you are looking to lose weight then distance running will be the best thing for you, but building those leg muscles will require doing sprints. This works because when you do sprints you are using fast twitch muscle fibers and allows for your body to break down the muscle and build it back up in a faster rate.

Band Work

Band work is a very inexpensive way to build those killer thighs and something that you can do at your home. Ordering bands online can help to improve the look of your thigh. The band provides a resistive mechanism that also help the muscles to grow. Putting the bands around your knees and walking is a great way to build up those thigh muscles. There are so many other workouts that you can do with the band that can build the inner thigh muscles and also your butt. Band work is a great way to get that inner thigh workout.

Body Weight Exercises

Body weight exercises are great for any person at any stage of their workout. Doing exercises like squats and different types of squats are very beneficial for the thighs. Also lunges, lunges can be done walking, also, the outside of the leg doing side lunges are a great way to workout the thighs. Other great thigh workout for beginners will be leg lifts, these are great exercises that can be done anywhere and they work excellent.

Lifting Weights

Going to the gym can benefit your killer thigh goals. There are tons of exercise machines that can help improve the look of your thighs. The leg press machine is probably one of the most popular machines to use when trying to build those thigh muscles. You can use it in a multitude of ways like doing the press with both of your legs or even doing it one leg at a time. If you turn your foot toward the inside of your body you can work the inner thigh and turning your foot toward the outside can help work the outter thigh. Another machine that is good to use is the leg extension machine. This machine can be hard on the knees, but if you do not suffer from knee problems it will give you excellent results.

Working those thighs will leave you sore the next day so remember to give them time to rest as you try to build those muscles. Also remember that nothing happens overnight and it may take some time to see results. When you are trying to build muscles short and quick movements are the key. Also lifting heavy weight can help. When using bands or body weight make sure to stay low and if it starts to burn this is a good sign. Working hard and staying consistent will help you to achieve those killer thighs that you desire. Doing the things listed above will give you the look you are looking for.