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How to Get Better Sleep as a Senior on a Budget

Quality sleep is one of the most important factors for our health, and yet an alarming number of seniors do not get the sleep they need every night. Before you start looking up expensive machines, supplements, and devices, try these easy sleep-boosting tools for seniors on a budget or who simply love to save.

Create the Right Environment

Help your body fall asleep by creating a soothing environment in your bedroom that helps relax your body and mind. Ways you can do this include:

  • Using soft lighting in the evening.
  • Listening to white noise or relaxing sounds. There are affordable machines that can do this, but an even cheaper option is a free app like Atmosphere for your phone or tablet.
  • Keeping the room cool with a ceiling or floor fan.
  • Sleeping on bedding made of breathable fabrics.

All of these changes can be made quickly and inexpensively if you search for discounts online. For example, if it’s time to ditch those ragged PJs for something new and comfortable, use Old Navy coupons to help you work this purchase into your budget.

Find Your Perfect Mattress

If you are waking up with pains and aches, your mattress could be the problem. A new mattress can feel like a big expense, but it is an investment in your health which will last you for years to come. Since mattresses can cost a lot of money, keep an eye out for sales at major retailers as well as online offers for stores like Mattress Firm to save on your big mattress purchase, and go for one with a good warranty so you won’t have to pay for a mattress you don’t love.

Eat Well

What you eat and how you eat it makes quite a big difference in the quality of your sleep. The optimal diet for a good night’s sleep is balanced and healthy throughout the day, with as little sugar and caffeine as possible. If possible, avoid eating altogether in the hours leading up to sleep, as eating before bed can disrupt sleep.

Carefully managing your food shopping is a good way to improve your habits while saving you quite a bit of money. Write down a list of ingredients you will need for the week’s meals and stick to it. This will reduce food waste, make you spend only what’s in your budget, and remove the temptation to buy unhealthy snacks that you can munch on at night. Also, look into money-saving apps such as Ibotta to help you keep costs low.


Exercising regularly can also impact your ability to sleep well, but not in the way you think. A 2013 study showed that a regular routine of moderate-intensity exercise improved the sleep pattern of its subjects, but only in the long run. In other words, a workout isn’t going to make you so tired you sleep better, but a sustained exercise routine over several months is likely to do it.

Best of all, exercise doesn’t have to be expensive. Just going for a half-hour brisk walk five times a week is enough to satisfy your recommended exercise levels. If you want to switch things up a bit, look up exercise routines for seniors online that you can replicate at home, or invest in some basic gym equipment like resistance bands and light dumbbells.

These strategies can all help you develop healthier sleeping habits, but sometimes there is something more complex at work. There are several medical reasons that could lead someone to have difficulty sleeping, from medication side-effects to sleep disorders.

Getting sleep at any age is very important, but you don’t have to break your budget in order to make it happen. By taking advantage of cost-cutting sales and strategies, you’ll soon get the sleep your mind, body, and soul need to keep you healthy.