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How to Enhance Your Yoga Practice When You Are Feeling Stuck

Photo By: Unsplash

Yoga is generally goal-oriented, whether you started practicing to improve your flexibility, get some stress-relief, or increase your physical activity, but it isn’t all about the end goal. Yoga truly is a journey. As MindFuelDaily so perfectly puts it, we can repeat a particular pose for what feels like the millionth time, “or we can treat each asana as a new experience and a chance to find new information about our body and self.” With this idea of yoga as a journey in mind, how can you enhance your practice when you are feeling stuck?

Your Phone Can Help

Being on your phone is typically a no-no during a yoga session, but you can actually use your phone to learn new poses, or follow along with an online class, by simply adding a few apps to your device. There are several that walk you through poses with narration, but with so much variety available, a little digging can reveal options that flow like a class, and with a personalized touch. 

Be forewarned, an outdated phone can get in the way of engaging and streaming. If you’re working with an oldie and not-so-goodie, consider an upgrade so you aren’t faced with lagging videos or a tiny screen. If your plan has expired or you’re overdue for something new, check out providers that offer credit toward the newest iPhone, or even unlimited data. With a little browsing and research, Android fans can also find a smartphone that meets their needs and budget as well, just look for the features and price range that fits.

Explore New Terrain

If you typically practice yoga indoors on a flat surface, perhaps you should think about taking your session outdoors to explore new terrain – literally! Being in nature is the ultimate form of stress relief, and can help to enhance your yoga session so long as you prepare ahead of time. 

To turn the outdoors into your personal studio, Women’s Health recommends selecting an area with plenty of shade to avoid sunburn and intense sweating, in addition to a spot with a scenic view. You might even think about putting your yoga mat aside and using the grass instead. Cool grass feels great on your feet, and the softness might give you the confidence to try a pose you have been a little nervous about. If you have the luxury of living near a beach, hit the sand for a yoga session. Keep in mind that sand is a soft landing spot too, but it will get everywhere. You’ll find that it challenges your balance, too. 

If you aren’t quite ready to try uneven terrain, you can still explore new territory by adding a piece or two of equipment. Consider adding props such as blocks or bolsters to increase accessibility, improve muscle memory, and help ease the transition into harder poses. If you find yourself slipping at times, be sure to bring a towel along for removing moisture and sweat.

Become a Yoga Teacher

Did you know you could become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)? The biggest question you need to consider is whether or not you’re ready. Yoga should be a part of your lifestyle instead of a class you take on occasion, with an understanding of how the history of yoga relates to present practices. Bear in mind that becoming an RYT requires many hours of intense training, but the education ensures you are ready to lead others on their yoga journey.

Yoga truly is an adventure. However, you’ll find that it’s easy to get stuck along the way. If you’ve come to a bump in the road and feel like your daily yoga sessions have become routine as opposed to a learning experience, it’s time to switch things up.