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How to Encourage Better Fitness During Downtime

Having a structured fitness routine is imperative in life to stay healthy, as is the diet choices you make. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming effort, however, if you make the right choices, and sometimes it’s the small differences you can implement into your everyday routine which will make a huge difference in the long run – and this includes those times which you don’t schedule for exercise.

Here are a few ideas on how to maximize your fitness in small ways.

Meeting Up For a Drink

Perhaps you make it a weekly thing to see a particular friend for coffee, or family for a drink. It’s easy to want to go for the plush sofa in the corner of the room or the bar stools in a quiet corner. If it’s a nice day, consider instead having you and your friend grab your coffees in take-out cups and taking a walk with them, maybe to the park or a nearby attraction – even just down the street. You can still have the same conversation and the same coffee, but now you’re enjoying the fresh air and getting some non-demanding exercise.

The same with a busy bar – small changes like electing to stand up at a high table can mean you’re on your feet and moving more than you would be on a chair.

Music Events

If you’re a fan of grabbing concert tickets and seeing your favorite artist live, or maybe taking in a festival, it doesn’t have to mean sitting on a chair for hours. Instead, try opting for standing tickets, or only going for shows which don’t have seating areas. This way, you’re on your feet – and all the better for moving about (and hopefully even dancing), which is great for your fitness levels.

Outdoor festivals are also good for this as you’ll be constantly walking around and being in the fresh air and natural sunlight.

Switch Up Your Routine

If you’d planned a long day inside to relax, keep an eye on the weather, and if it looks inviting, consider changing your plans a little bit. It can be easy to want to slum it inside for a day after a busy week, but just getting outside even for half an hour on a brisk walk can really help your overall fitness. If you’re not somebody bothered by the weather, then do this anyway, even if it’s raining.

Consider Getting a Dog

Obviously, with this one, there are a whole host of other lifestyle things to consider, but if you’ve decided that you would like a dog and can happily accommodate it in the way it deserves, then go for it. Dogs are fantastic as a means to get out more because you have no choice in having to walk and entertain them. Not only will this be great for the dog, but for you, too – and you’ll be having so much quality time together that it will never feel like a demanding, unwanted fitness routine.