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How Not to Sweat the Small Stuff When You Can’t Maintain A Regular Workout Routine

Though exercising derives the best results when it’s done on a regular basis, there are just some weeks when it’s impossible to maintain some form of workout routine.

Ideally, though we all need some exercise, usually a few sessions every week, when you can’t wholly commit to a regular routine, there are several other methods which you can take advantage of to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Modify Your Workout Times
While many of us like to commit a particular time of day to work out when your schedule is scattered this is never going to be a possibility.However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop altogether. Workouts can be undertaken at any time of the day, particularly in the 24/7 society we all reside in.

Some gyms have realized that not all of us work 9-5 and have therefore introduced extended hours or even all-night availability. Many of these are quieter around such times, with the majority of people hitting the gym at peak times during the day and early morning.

However, with most physical fitness centers, there are an abundance of fitness courses and work out group sessions that take place at various times throughout the day. Perhaps you can forgo that hour-long lunch and instead take a 30 to 40-minute class?
Additionally, if you know you’ll only be changing your regular routine for just a few weeks, why not consider getting some top-up gym sessions or fitness classes at the weekends?

Change Your Activities to Incorporate an Adjusted Workout into Your Schedule
If you don’t feel in the mood for heading out to the gym during a particularly hectic week at work, there are many other activities that you can implement in place of this to keep up the momentum:

  • Rather than walking the dog around the block, why not head out to a more scenic route, blasting away those cobwebs?
  • Do you have a couple of break times during your working day? Many employees have a 10 to 15-minute break on several occasions during their work time. Why not store an exercise mat near your desk and make use of these allocated times?
  • If you’ve got a particularly stressful day ahead, try an early morning swim or gentle stroll beforehand, getting in the right frame of mind to start the day.
  • If your day involves traveling around the city for several appointments, can you walk to some of these, giving yourself time to think, while getting some form of exercise, at various intervals in your schedule?
  • If you take the tube, train, or bus to work, can you catch an earlier service, getting off a few stops before your workplace? This way you can still make it to work on time but get in a good power walk on the way.

If you’re used to hourly workout sessions, you may be wondering just how anyone can benefit from these shorter workouts! However, evidence tells us that exercise sessions done in short and sharp increments, spread throughout the day, can actually be more beneficial to fitness levels when compared to more extended simultaneous workouts.

Keep an Eye on Your Calorie Intake
If working on continuing to lose weight is more of a concern for you when you can’t commit to a regular routine, there are other ways to keep the weight off during this brief time frame.

Whether you’re looking for how to lose 10kg in a month without exercise or to temporarily reduce your current calorie intake, modify your current eating habits to match your current lack of fitness levels, and you’ll create a diet to suit a more sedentary lifestyle, albeit temporarily:

  • Try to shop ahead for the weeks you know are going to be the most hectic times.
  • Draw up a meal planner for the week ahead,so you ensure you’re able to eat decent and proper healthy meals each day, rather than picking or snacking on the go.
  • Cook as many meals as you can on a Sunday and store them in the freezer. That way, when you do get home from a long day all you have to do is reheat your food, and you have a healthy meal in an instant.
  • Pack up as many healthy varieties of snacks and water bottles for work to see you through each day.

This way, you can work at keeping your weight stable whenever you can’t quite make it to regular workouts, therefore staying healthy until you can establish a consistent routine again.