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How Dental Health Affects Our Overall Health

Our health depends on so many different choices we make every day. The food you eat has the power to transform your wellbeing and to help you prevent various diseases. Then again, your exercise regime can give you denser bones, stronger muscles, a better posture, and more confidence. Your sleep schedule can ensure that you have ample energy, focus, and unhindered creativity to tackle all of your decision-making. But have you ever wondered how profound an impact your oral health has on your health? Few people have.

From serving as one part of your immune system, and a part of your body’s defense mechanism, all the way to ensuring you can enjoy those very nutrients that fuel your health, your teeth and your gums are vital for your wellbeing. To gain a better understanding of this intricate connection, here are a few ways in which your oral health is linked to your overall health, and how you can change your habits to maximize both.

Healthy gums and a healthy heart

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to certain forms of stress. For example, the sore muscles you get from working out are a result of acute inflammation, but when this reaction becomes chronic, then your body is in trouble. In fact, gum disease is a result of chronic inflammation, and unless it’s treated properly and in time, you actually spread the inflammation through your entire body, leading to a chain reaction that can cause severe ailments.

As a result, gum disease has been linked to cardiovascular disease and an increased risk of getting a stroke. In a nutshell, dealing with periodontal disease is a necessary precaution to lower your risk of heart troubles later in life. The best way to do that is to talk to your dentist and see which procedures and hygiene steps are needed for best results. 

Teeth alignment and quality of life

While many still perceive well-aligned teeth as merely an aesthetic attribute, wellness-oriented Australians have actually embraced the braces trend increasingly over the past several years. Why? Because it boosts their overall quality of life, from making brushing easier, getting rid of bad breath, all the way to improving their bite. 

Thanks to numerous tech improvements in dentistry, Invisalign cost in Sydney has also improved to turn it into a more affordable, readily-available investment for more people who’d like to improve their smile. This advanced procedure helps in restoring the correct bite pattern, thus improving the patient’s ability to properly clean their teeth and eat without discomfort. Such an investment, especially when it’s available in installments and no down payments is considered a must for health-focused Aussies.

Teeth grinding and headaches

Affecting approximately 10% of the adult population, bruxism is an unpleasant condition often difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to track. Simply put, bruxism involves teeth grinding that can lead to severe damage to the enamel, teeth injuries, and putting too much pressure on the jaw from the habit. 

But it seems that the effects of bruxism, especially when it goes by undetected for too long, can extend beyond the teeth or mouth. In fact, some people with the condition also experience headaches and earaches resulting from the pressure of grinding teeth. If you notice any jaw pain or teeth damage you cannot explain, perhaps bruxism is to blame.

Smoking and the risk of many diseases

Since smoking is oral in nature, it’s a habit that directly affects your oral and dental health, and as such, it is considered a self-destructive choice that can wreak havoc on your oral hygiene. While stained, yellow teeth are the very least of your concerns, smoking is indeed a part of your oral self-care system that can lead to increased risk of various forms of cancer, heart disease, and painful lesions in the mouth.

You can also expect that your teeth will deteriorate faster and you’ll most likely lose them at a faster rate, too. Considering such implications, perhaps it’s time to consider quitting smoking for good in order to protect your wellbeing as well as your oral health. 

Tongue health and your immune system 

When you brush your teeth every day, do you remember to scrape and clean your tongue, as well? Unfortunately, people often skip this crucial step, believing that it’s more than enough to brush the teeth alone in order to maintain proper hygiene of their mouth. 

The truth is, your tongue carries all kinds of beneficial bacterial strains that keep your oral cavity healthy, but in case any harmful bacteria start to take over, you can easily get sick. To keep your resilience and stay healthy for the long haul, never skip cleaning your tongue. 

Don’t neglect your pearly whites and the rest of your oral wellbeing in the pursuit of health. Dedicate more attention and more time to proper hygiene and, of course, never skip those regular visits to your dentists just to stay on the safe side.