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How Can Essential Oils Help Improve Your Health

Essential oils can become a great part of anyone’s life. There are so many different ways to use essential oils to help enhance your life. You may not know where to start or maybe you have already thought of how you can use them. Either way, you will want to explore all of your options before you go out and spend money on different products that you will not use. 

Here are several aspects you will want to check out to see how your health can be improved with essential oils:

Stress and Anxiety

Everybody gets stressed out know and again. You probably also know people who are more prone to worrying and stressing out. If you have anxiety, you probably understand how hard it is to relax and not worry. 

While essential oils are not going to cure any serious anxiety problems, they can help relieve some symptoms that result from stress. Peppermint is a great oil to relieve tight muscles. There are also different blends of oils that are meant to help stress. 

Improve Your Overall Household Environment

Essential oils are not going to stop siblings from fighting or from hard times from happening. But they can offer you an alternative to harsh chemical cleaners while still cleaning your house. If you decide to get an essential oil diffuser this can help your home smell amazing without having to constantly be spraying room spray. 

You can make your own furniture spray with essential oils to keep your furniture smelling nice and fresh. This is nice if you have pets who are sensitive to heavy chemical cleaners or sprays. This can also help your family members if any of them are allergic to a variety of different things.  


There are many essential oils that can be used for when you exercise. There are also many companies, such as doTERRA, that make outrageous claims. These can be harmful to your health if you are using them in the wrong way. You want to make sure that you essential oils are coming from the best companies that practice ethical business models. 

Using essential oils is not going to cure you of mental illnesses and does not replace the care of a trusted medical professional. When exercising, you can use peppermint to help cool you down or any citrus oils to give you a nice burst of energy without caffeine. These oils can enhance your exercise experience so you can get the most out of your workout. 

Cooking and Dieting

This is another great way to start using essential oils for your health. You have probably heard of people getting capsule pills, filling them with oils, and swallowing them. This can be hard on your stomach and digestive system if you suffer from acid reflux or ulcers. 

If you do not want to try the pill route, you can use them in your everyday cooking and even baking routine. This way you can get all of the health benefits of oils without having to ruin your digestive lining. You can add a drop or two of basil, spearmint and even citrus oils into your cooking. Less is usually more with oils, so be careful when using them. 

Sleep and Insomnia

Nothing is worse than going to bed knowing that you will not fall asleep for hours. This can be for obvious reasons, taking a nap during the day for too long, or not so obvious reasons. Either way going to bed can be hard without the right environment.

If you do have other underlying problems, such as addiction or mental illness, you will want to get those resolved because they can clear up your insomnia. You will want to give yourself the best calming environment possible. Use essential oils on your feet or spray some lavender on your pillow before going to bed. These can help relax your body and tell your mind to start shutting down for the night. 

There are many different ways that you can use essential oils in your life. What are some of the ways that you use them in your life? Be sure to share this with a friend who loves to use essential oils!