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What is HIIT

High intensity interval training is what HIIT stands for. A standard HIIT workout usually a lot of sweating, painting and the infamous burpees.

During HIIT many different areas of the body are affected but the main objective is to actually burn fat. There are various moves done in short intervals that alternate between rest periods. This is the main factor that makes the workout very intense. Although, very short bursts of intensity, the workout is highly effective.

ABS are made in the kitchen

Getting a slim and toned waistline is nice. However, losing weight is not all about exercise. Although, exercise is very important, your diet plays a huge role in your physical appearance. So, in order to tone your stomach you have to ditch sugar and avoid eating processed foods. Also, it is important to cut out salt because, it creates water retention which also contributes to abdominal fat.

HIIT exercises

HIIT workouts are key to targeting belly fat. With this workout the possibilities are endless, you can follow simple videos on youtube to help you target whatever area you like. Or, you can structure and customize your own workout plan. Some key exercises are mountain climbers, V-ups, hanging leg lifts, jump rope, air squats and planks. It is very common to find properly targeted workout videos during a simple google search!

Rest Periods

Studies have shown that pushing yourself to reach your maximum potential during every set is the main factor in increasing metabolism. Another major component is the resting period. Recovery is very essential doing workouts especially during HIIT. This phase is like a short cool down phase after every set. Recovery improves blood flow and the ability for the body to regenerate and recover in general.

Excellent cardio conditioning is pushing your body to this very extreme measures, resting and repeating for a certain amount of time. For example, extreme cardio workout for 30 seconds, 60 seconds of active rest. This is pushing your body to work it’s hardest to be able to meet the next level of high intensity workout. The best thing is the ability to use different combinations so that your body is always being shocked by the different forms. This means your body has to constantly work hard instead of getting used to the workout so easily. This amps up workout results in high caloric expenditure, the main factor that leads to fat loss.

Resting is very important because it helps prepare the body to reach its highest level of potential to perform at its best during the HIIT spurts for each set.


In order to get the best results from every set you have to push yourself to the max during every and every set of your workout. The basic rule is to work hard, take a rest, then work really hard and of course, repeat. HIIT is simply an activity that raises the heart rate up, speeds metabolism and the set of differently combined moves is what sculpts the body.

When you are doing your own sets of high-intensity intervals, you basically want to choose the timing of each set. Sets are typically anywhere between 20 to 90 seconds and then your rest period. To start off, you make your rest period twice as long as your set. For example, 30 seconds of HIIT followed by 60 seconds of resting. As you become more conditioned and improve cardio wise you can transition to pick up the pace.

Transitioning to a one-to-one ratio this means that whatever the allotted time frame is for each set is now the exact same amount for your rest periods. For example, 60 seconds of mountain climbers followed by 60 seconds of rest. A typical a high-density session ranges from about 15 minutes to 45 minutes.