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Why Golf is Great for Keeping Fit


There’s something about the game of golf, a worldwide sport played by millions of people, that makes you either love it or hate it. The thing is, even if you are averse to the game, try it once and you’ll want to try it again. This is because golf is a game of skill combined with being outdoors in some beautiful surroundings, and one that can be played by anybody. You might take it up on a casual basis – not everybody is as fiercely competitive as some players – or perhaps you want to play golf for the social benefits or for business networking.

If you are a beginner, then you need to start by perhaps having a few lessons. This can be with a golf professional at your local course – you’ll find there is one not far from you – or maybe a friend who is more than happy to show you the basics and have a round or two with you. It’s when you get out there on the fairways and greens that you begin to see the other benefit of golf: fitness.

A round of golf means a lot of walking, yet while it will be gentle walking, it means you are keeping your muscles in motion. There are other benefits to golf in terms of fitness, too, including improved posture and the use of your upper arm and wrist muscles. So, if you want to take up golf, where do you start? Let’s have a look!

Tips for Beginners  

Our first bit of advice is this: before you go headlong into buying your own clubs, accessories and gear, try a few rounds. Have some fun on a driving range with a friend, or book some lessons on the basics. Getting the ball off the tee and in the right direction is not as easy as it looks for the inexperienced! Have some further fun on a putting green, as this is also a skill you need to learn. Once you have the basics, you can book a round or two, and try your hand on a real course.

Now, you might find it’s not for you, so you’ll be pleased you didn’t spend a fortune on your own clubs. Most people find they are hooked, and want to know more about this infuriating but fascinating game, so here’s a few tips on what to do if you decide you are going to take up golf, and what not to do!

  • Don’t go straight out and buy an expensive set of clubs, you don’t need them yet. Read reviews of beginners clubs, there are plenty around, and consider buying second hand. Your local golf club should be a good source of quality used clubs.
  • Be realistic; you’re not going to become a pro so don’t set your sights too high, treat the game as just that, a sporting pursuit that is fun and at which you can improve and learn.
  • Do get professional lessons; you will find that you settle into the techniques easier, so contact your local course and see if they have a good tutor in residence.
  • Read up, set a budget, and get going!
  • A final one: there are certain rules of golf etiquette – how to dress and behave when on the course – so make sure you understand and adhere to these as they are there for everyone.

You’re ready to go, what else do you need to know?

Further Advice

As you read up on the best golf clubs for beginners you will find that there is a wide range of prices to choose from. This is why we suggested above that it is not a good idea to simply buy an expensive set straight away. However, what you do need is a set that will last you a good length of time. We recommend buying a full set to begin with, rather than individual clubs, as you can add to it over time.

Golf, then, is a game of skill and learning, and it is also a game that comes with great social benefits. You will meet a wide variety of people, of all ages, when you go to your local course – or indeed others further afield – and you can, of course, indulge in a drink in the ‘19th Hole’ after your enjoyable round of golf.

Keep your expectations reasonable, and you’ll find that golf opens up a new world of fun and enjoyment, and you will also make many new friends.