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Get that Summer Bod You Want

Now that summer is already upon us, it’s about that time to get your body into shape and be ready for the tan lines and bikinis. In order to do that you need to first know what you need to do in order to get your body the way you want it before your summer vacation. Five things you should do in order to get your body right before your summer fun is to start eating right, get a hair botox treatment, include cardio into your exercise routine, get a base tan and lift weights.

Start Your Diet

We all hate the D word, but we also know that if you want to get thin and look great in a bathing suit you have to watch what you eat. Start eating healthier this summer and enjoy all of the fresh ripe fruits and vegetables that summer has to offer. By adding more vitamins and minerals into your diet your hair and skin will look better too and of course by eating a better diet weight loss is a benefit as well. So you’ll look thinner, with better skin and hair its a win, win win.

Botox Hair Treatment

Adding botox for hair into your regular routine will not only add volume to it, but will also minimize hair loss potential and make your hair look fuller and healthier. Hair Botox has conditioning properties that adds moisture to dry hair for both curly and straight hair textures without any parabens or unwanted added chemicals and ingredients. Botox for hair doesn’t actually have any botox in it, but it is the same idea. It helps smooth out and supplement the hair.

Time to Exercise

Of course along with eating better and dieting you have to add exercise to your daily routine, cardio in particular, in order to look your best this summer. Cardio is a great way to lose weight fast and look slimmer and healthier. By adding an intense cardio session to your workout routine you will lose weight faster and look stronger and more fit when you slip into that bikini this summer vacation.

Plan to Tan

Nobody wants to go to the beach and get burnt like a lobster on the first day, that’s why it’s important when planning for your vacation that you try to introduce sunshine into your life little by little until you get that base tan you need to protect your skin. A base tan will not only help you to look better while on vacation but will also protect you and keep your skin from getting a damaging burn from too much sun exposure at one time.

Add Weight Training to your Daily Routine

Although cardio is a great way to lose weight fast and stay in shape, lifting weights will help give you that muscle definition that really makes you look great in that bikini. Weight training in conjunction with cardio will give you better results than if you just do cardio in your work out routine. Not only will weight training give you that definition you want but it also speeds up your metabolism and will help make your cardio easier too.

So get back into shape this summer with a great diet, exercise routine and self care habits to look and feel your best on vacation all week long!